“High Five” Learn how to teach this cool trick. PLEASE RESCUE, there are many amazing cats like Didga just waiting for a good home. THANKS in advanced for wa…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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37 Responses

  1. ChickenOfAwesome
    | Reply

    Interesting – such a different method than the way I trained our two cats
    to High Five. I used a treat held between thumb and finger, with my other
    four fingers flat (like an ‘a-okay’ gesture) and rewarded them for pawing
    the treat. Then I started putting my hand flat in front of them in a
    traditional high five pose, with a treat tucked between two fingers if
    necessary. Now I’ve pretty much phased out treat lures for one cat, the
    other still needs it as a reminder occasionally.
    I hadn’t taught Shake paws first, though! I’m now using high five as a
    basis to teach ‘Hands up (who wants a treat?)’ by getting them to put their
    paw up and not touch my hand…. its the cutest thing I think I’ve ever
    seen XD “ME! I want a treat, look at my fuzzy little paw in the air!”

  2. Dóra Fózer
    | Reply

    I can’t teach my cat. 🙁
    She is too impatient

  3. Rafaela Sainez
    | Reply

    My cat loves to go on walks everyday and loves baths and me he was a
    rescued cat his pervious owner hated him and him threw to let his 2 pit
    bulls eat him but I saved him 

  4. Alice G Negron
    | Reply

    What treats do you use??

  5. Jessica van Unen
    | Reply

    Would it work with a 6 year old male cat that gets grumpy very easily?

  6. roseyspark
    | Reply

    What do i do if i can’t get my cat to lift up her paw on her own?

  7. Kate B
    | Reply

    My cat doesn’t lift her paw…why not?

  8. Pedro Nunes
    | Reply

    great vids men. Keep the good work. Love it

  9. gorge de la selva
    | Reply

    My cat do that thing with me without training… except that he bite me
    immediately after :/

  10. Rachel Renee
    | Reply

    so cool

  11. Rachel Renee
    | Reply

    so cool

  12. Joyes Govind
    | Reply

    I have a small kitten you can show me how to teach small kittens

  13. Sijtske van Lambalgen
    | Reply

    You can learn a cat a lot of things, but you need much more patience for it
    than to train a dog. My stepfather learnt our cat to fetch, without treats
    or clickers! A cat is a lazy, “minding-his-own-business” creature. Who do
    what he wands but íf he gets it…! 😉 Still it looks strange to me, a cat
    doing tricks… Like to watch your videos keep on going!

  14. Iron Dante
    | Reply

    hey there nice video but why when your cat was learning that. A tik-tik
    plays ?

  15. WenDomination
    | Reply

    It’s too bad that instead of just teaching Reggie to come home in the
    evening you couldn’t convince them to stop allowing him to roam free, but
    at least he’s home at night. I’m gonna try this with my cats!

  16. Whatda Helenshow
    | Reply

    Its doing good!

  17. Leah Bettis
    | Reply

    My cat can do that! :)

  18. Cambridge RatMom
    | Reply

    Clicker training is awesome stuff. My cat is very food motivated and he
    showed me that he could learn “high five” and a couple of other behaviors.
    Cats are trainable and it’s fun for both of you. Go, Didga. Both my kitties
    are rescues, too.

  19. Olivia Michelle
    | Reply

    Freaking awesome and so simple! I must try :D

    | Reply

    Here’s that ‘High-Five’ tutorial I’ve been promising you guys. Cheers for
    now! Robert And Didga

  21. Mr. Flip the Cat
    | Reply

    that´s great! :)

  22. tbbuim
    | Reply

    If your cat don’t learn fast it will becomes obese. lol

  23. Cleysa Monteiro
    | Reply

    is possible to teach deaf cats?

  24. Edgardo Lineros
    | Reply

    Amazing!!, what do you use in the spoon? some kind of sweet thing for cats?

  25. gatto miaomiao
    | Reply

    Really awesome!

  26. Alejandro Gonzalez
    | Reply

    you deserve my subscription and much more!

  27. poezenvrouwtje
    | Reply

    love your video’s ,I placed some on my catstory forum

  28. Shaqueena Kiz
    | Reply

    Tried this as soon as I finished watching the video and my cat got it in
    less than 15min

  29. beachlover34698 (Leslie)
    | Reply

    awesome job, cats are very smart and you are so great with them..
    thank you

  30. tulisa stone
    | Reply

    That was extremely cute ♥.♥

  31. Abigail Rhysa C Bologa
    | Reply

    Awesome as always. Love these videos. Thank you!

  32. Ainhoa Alcaide
    | Reply

    Wow, amazing video! I,m going to put it in practice!

  33. MrDillas1
    | Reply

    I actually thought it was didga

  34. madjojo500
    | Reply

    Wow that cat got real fat

  35. cocacoladog10
    | Reply

    i wanna try this but the smallest cat i have is to wild and gonna scratch
    and the mother gonna act lik she dont care

  36. Tommy, Gracie & Leo
    | Reply

    Cats are amazingly smart if you take time to teach them. Didga is
    amazing! Our Leo knows sit and shake. 

  37. Sami Wolf
    | Reply

    I love it to train with clicker! Its great for ANY animals!

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