Teach dog to Play Dead!

Want to learn how we train our dogs? Click here: https://www.udemy.com/dogtricks/?couponCode=youtube10 Bang! Train your dog to play dead! Taught using positi…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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49 Responses

  1. Oricale Turrent
    | Reply

    my dogs so retarded it actually died from obesity learning this trick.

  2. Leilani Saing
    | Reply

    Why aren’t you saying ‘Play dead’?

  3. jirka merunka
    | Reply

    I am sorry, I got lost, is this training or hand feeding? That dog must
    have gotten through at least 500g of treats… I don’t understand the
    clicking? Do you use it to get attention, to remind him hes getting a treat
    or when? You seem to be clicking from time to time and I don’t seem to get
    it 🙂 

  4. montana anthony
    | Reply

    To many steps you can cut this alot shorter 

  5. Kyris Xian'drii
    | Reply

    i taught my dog this trick, but she doesnt quite ‘die’ properly; she will
    just lie down and stare at me till i give her the treat xD

  6. Denise Looms
    | Reply

    Amazing video!! I taught my dog to play dead in 1 day!

  7. Simmer Jaz
    | Reply

    Your dog is gorgeous, and so eager to learn. I love how she just drops to
    the floor when you say down. Too cute :’) 

  8. Mingus O'Bannon
    | Reply

    What is the crazy trick or behavior you’ve trained?

  9. shannon brock
    | Reply

    Now do you have to use the clicker?

  10. Andrew McMinn
    | Reply

    My dog rolls on to his side and goes to his shoulder to get the treat but
    he won’t put his head on the floor, any tips? thanks

  11. Kira Jackson
    | Reply

    So many people downgrading this video, It is a very good instructional
    video! The dog is obviously eager to learn, and dogs are very food
    motivated, she is feeding small bits of treats at a time, and for those
    saying she is “teaching wrong” the dog is obviously catching on very fast,
    and is learning the move very well, thank you for this video, very well

  12. Daria McCrann
    | Reply

    You are meant to praise your dog and talk to them not just treats! At least
    say good dog!

  13. Dylan Briggs
    | Reply

    Bet that dog put on like 40 stone in this video

  14. Dominique Lawson
    | Reply

    both of my pit-bulls learned this without a clicker, and without so many
    treats.. I actually taught them with little pieces of fruit. 

  15. Mark Oppy
    | Reply

    you’re attractive! 

  16. Adamaris Ruiz
    | Reply

    Hola mi nombre es adamaris

  17. Megan Casper
    | Reply

    She’s doing it! only took about 45 minutes! And the second JRT watched and
    has it half way down already. 🙂 Thanks!

  18. Cotton Candy
    | Reply

    You are teaching wrong 

  19. Adamaris Ruiz
    | Reply

    Hola mi nombre es adamaris

  20. Lee Mi Nyeo
    | Reply

    Worth watching 🙂 Hope my dog will learn this -_-

  21. Ariana Grande
    | Reply

    Its gonna explode cause she is feeding it to much lol

  22. heyy belluh
    | Reply

    So much enthusiasm!

  23. Dezirae Gann
    | Reply

    What exactly does the clicker do?

  24. Monika Marczuk
    | Reply


  25. Justin Crounse
    | Reply

    Thank you so much, this was the most helpful video that I found

  26. Sandy Marilyn
    | Reply

    this was great. Thanks a lot. it was extremely helpful.

  27. Romy Jugroo
    | Reply

    I guess some more words of praise would be most welcome by the dog.

  28. Monika Marczuk
    | Reply

    super pomocne!

  29. InParadiseForForever
    | Reply

    Not wiking

  30. HUGO Abraham
    | Reply

    That is cool

  31. reymart christian Cruz
    | Reply

    My little puppy is learning to do it! but i have to move him more then him
    moving himself just a few moves i have to move him so he can master it! how
    long this take anyway!

  32. joshmel2123
    | Reply

    Good way of training! 

  33. Salem Saberhagen
    | Reply

    wow first time a video actually started off with an untrained dog until he
    was trained all the while actually explaining things along the way,
    appreciate it . plus the trainers pretty cute so that doesn’t hurt

  34. roman veprinskiy
    | Reply

    Thank you for learning

  35. The Fandom Girls :3
    | Reply

    Dang, I wish I found this tutorial years ago! My dog is really old, he is a
    boxer, he’s at the age to where he is going to die soon ;-; I will cry so
    hard when he dies, he sleep with me(even when I dont allow him on the bed,
    he sleeps on the floor) he also protects me. He is actually in my latest
    IT!!! :3

  36. celebriocrity
    | Reply

    You’re doggy is wonderful!

  37. Meena Nathan
    | Reply

    when I take the treat to her shoulder to make her roll, she gets up. What
    do I do?

  38. Noella Dilber
    | Reply

    it took me 1 and a half hour but he can finally do it only he is still a
    little slow XD 

  39. Aaron Villagomez
    | Reply

    training tutorials should be like this, like the dog used in the video
    still doesn’t know itself the trick, so we can see what you really have to
    do in the beginning.

  40. thepanda squid
    | Reply

    It works

  41. Guillian Rivera
    | Reply

    thank you very much

  42. william mcque
    | Reply

    Does she expect us to have over a million dog treats? I actually have but
    he’d be humping my leg for hours on end for me giving him such a gift.

  43. Cédric Hernalsteens
    | Reply

    Very nice ! Remember to smile, even on the camera ;)

  44. Irene Gillis
    | Reply

    OH, well done, thank you!!
    To break down the steps like that is so helpful.
    I just realized my mistake, and I can now identify why my dog ‘over acts’
    It’s cute, but I didn’t train the sphinx down to a roll, to build up muscle
    Can’t wait to do that, now. :D

  45. sam wilkisnon
    | Reply

    clickers are bad i dont like them i think they just hurt the dogs ears

  46. metallic58roses
    | Reply

    how long does it really take from start to finish, for it to be good at it

  47. Ramona Hadwiger
    | Reply

    wow lol i was like oh she got it well almost lol so cute gota teach my dog

  48. Libertarian44
    | Reply

    I would bang the chick in this video for hours on end

  49. mcoyid
    | Reply

    what a headache to teach, baam

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