Teach a parrot to fly outside

This video shows how I trained my bird for flight outdoors. Your experiences will vary. DON’T DO THIS WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE RISK!

http://www.featherme.com/index.php/free-flying-your-parrot-outside/ is my article which goes over the basics of free flight with parrots. I am not an expert on the subject though. I’ve only trained one bird.

For in depth advice, go to http://wingsatliberty.com/articlesflight.html and read the articles by Chris Biro. He’s been doing free flight for years and with many different kinds of birds.

To discuss flight, go to the free flight yahoo group here http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Freeflight/

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14 Responses

  1. Andrea Leah
    | Reply

    I think you are awesome! Your bird has a wonderful life! If he dies tomorrow at least he has lived like the natural animal so many people so ignorantly destroy by even domesticating them. If we humans must mess with everything the least we can do is to make them as happy as we can.

  2. Kerim Amet
    | Reply

    What is the sort of this parrot?

  3. Littletort
    | Reply

    this is a really bad video for advice lol. Do not follow anything this guy says unless you want to lose your bird.

  4. Roland BIANCOTTO
    | Reply

    So cute πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸΌ

  5. birdman uk2020
    | Reply

    this guy last posted 5 years ago. probably lost him

  6. Chainsaw Kitten
    | Reply

    Anyone who does this with their parrot is an idiot.

  7. Massu Boy
    | Reply

    i thought the parrot was bigger than human GOT clickbaited.

  8. Berry Trudeau
    | Reply

    I own a goffin cocatoo, we just let him go out for the day sometimes. don't even supervise him, he just goes and flies in the trees because we kind of have forest all around us since its a native american reserve.

  9. Pinununu H
    | Reply

    That is maverick

  10. astroboy3507
    | Reply

    Beautiful colours!!!!

  11. 3 fluffy Unicorns!
    | Reply

    My budgie flew awa you I only had him like a month I'm soon sad

  12. Fahead All
    | Reply

    i lost my bird cuz of you bitch

  13. esmokebaby
    | Reply

    lol he tried to attack a vulture haha that bird is nuts

  14. Alexander Santillanes
    | Reply

    That thumbnail was VERY misleading.

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