Tax Deductible Pet Care

Baby MayaHow would you feel if pet care expenses were tax deductible? Would you feel like you could be a more responsible pet owner? Maybe people wouldn’t feel like they have to give up their pets because they lost their job. According to The Michigan Messenger, U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter introduced legislation on July 31, which proposes to make pet expenses tax deductible. You might be able to schedule that much needed veterinarian appointment sooner than you think.

In order for this legislation to work, the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 will need to be amended to allow for such a change. The legislation is cited as the Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years (HAPPY) Act. The act references that from 2007-2008, 63 percent of American households owned a pet, and pets have a positive impact on people.

The maximum deduction is $3,500, and qualified pet care expenses are defined as the following: “amounts paid in connection with providing care (including veterinary care) for a qualified pet other than any expense in connection with the acquisition of the qualified pet.” A qualified pet is defined as, “a legally owned, domesticated, live animal.” Exceptions to the act would be animals used for research or those used for trade or business. For now, H.R. 3501 has been referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), a trade association that represents the pet industry and animal issues, is supporting this new legislation. The PIJAC has been involved in the pet industry for 40 years, and they keep up to date on all government affairs relating to animals including aquatic life, birds, dogs, cats, reptiles and amphibians and small mammals.

Although the HAPPY Act could provide some relief for pet owners, it’s peculiar that the individual presenting this bill is opposed to national health care reform. Making health care more available for pets and people seems like an issue that would go hand in hand, so it’s questionable why there is such a disconnect here.

If the bill ends up being passed, the effective date would apply to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2009. To check on the status of this legislation, go to the Library of Congress for updates.

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  1. Lisa the Bard
    | Reply

    RT @friendpets Tax Deductible Pet Care #pets So important!

  2. Mary Ann
    | Reply

    i think it would be great. California was trying to add sales tax to vet fees.

  3. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    (new PetLvr post ).. Tax Deductible Pet Care: How would you feel if pet care expenses were t..

  4. Tweet A Critter
    | Reply

    Tax Deductible Pet Care #pets (via @friendpets)

  5. Tucker/Kisses/Oreo
    | Reply

    RT @TweetACritter and @friendpets: Tax Deductible Pet Care – >Love it! Great idea! #fb

  6. Scoop de Jour
    | Reply

    RT @PetLvr Tax Deductible Pet Care | – [The Blog]

  7. Nobody
    | Reply

    I like this idea! RT @YankeeGirl20: RT @TweetACritter: Tax Deductible Pet Care #pets (via @friendpets)

  8. Kathy
    | Reply

    A person has to be able to itemize on their tax return in order to qualify for this credit, which benefits high-income earners with large mortgages and hefty property taxes. Low income people normal take the standard deduction rate and will therefore be unable to benefit from this deduction.

    Also, the IRS doesn’t allow people to deduct medical expenses until they exceed 7.5% of their adjusted gross income. McCotter should do something about that. He’s putting the health care needs of dogs ahead of people.

    Here’s a related link with lots of information:

  9. Leake
    | Reply

    Interesting Idea: RT @friendpets: Tax Deductible Pet Care #pets

  10. Linda Strom
    | Reply

    Tax Deductible Pet Care | – [The Blog]

  11. Kelly Kall
    | Reply

    RT @PetLvr Tax Deductible Pet Care | – [The Blog] Every year I ask my tax gu id my cat is deductible. Cool

  12. Jobi Harris
    | Reply

    Tax Deductible Pet Care –

  13. online pet insurance
    | Reply

    I read an article that former US. President Bill proposed to provide tax deduction for pet care expenses . The benefits of this proposal is to provide pet owners the opportunity to deduct pet care expenses and other necessary pet care.

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