This video will give you tips on taming your hamster! Good luck and remember that patience and respect is key. 🙂 ================== ♥ Official Facebook page…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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27 Responses

  1. HoppingHammy
    | Reply

    This video will give you tips on taming your hamster! Good luck and
    remember that patience and respect is key. :)

  2. NibletTheHamster
    | Reply

    My male ham let me hold him the second day

  3. foreverkato
    | Reply

    i tried waiting but when i put the food bowl in or put more food in my
    hamster always trys climbing up my arm should i start taming now or still

  4. Heather Rodriguez
    | Reply

    Is buying a hamster at a pet store bad?

  5. Logan Sullivan
    | Reply

    My new hammy is running on her wheel and only stops to eat and sleep. Is
    she OK or just exited

  6. FunkyFrankie
    | Reply

    What if your hamster isn’t a big fan of treats?

  7. Rylee012
    | Reply

    I want a hamster, but I already have a rabbit. My dad doesn’t like animals
    at all, but I’m an animal lover!my hamster died because my cousins didn’t
    close it’s cage and she escaped and ate my carpet and got sick. :,( I wish
    I could get a hamster or a little rat. 

  8. TurkeyFeather Aj
    | Reply

    Hey +HoppingHammy ! I know its unrelated to hamsters but you should try a
    right sided part in your hair :3, You don’t have to keep the look but its
    just a sugestion :)

  9. Izzy Wheeldon
    | Reply

    Hi hoppinghammy, I’m a new subscriber and I was wondering how often u put
    up videos???

  10. TheCrochetGal
    | Reply

    Could you like do one for a robo pls and do you recommend a bin cage better
    then like a metal one because I’m thinking about it because i want to train
    mine and not have them crawl out of the cage vastly and i don’t want to
    squeeze them to death

  11. MissTigers4ever
    | Reply

    My hamster was different when I first got her, she immediately came out of
    the cage when I was adding something in the cage on the first day! She came
    and sat on my hand, she licked me and walked across my arm then she went
    back to her cage after. She’s very friendly to people she doesn’t know. 

  12. The Hamster Cloud
    | Reply

    When you are getting a hamster at a pet store , shelter, etc. can you hold
    them at that place or is it not good to handle them before taming ?

  13. Gloria Wan
    | Reply

    I followed exactly what you did but now my hamster thinks my hand is food
    trys to nibble me.Can you tell me a
    way to stop her nibbling?

  14. Cami Myers
    | Reply

    Thank you so much HoppingHammy I just got a Syrian hamster yesterday and I
    needed tips so much my hamster is a cute little orange and white hamster.

  15. Foxy The Pirate Fox
    | Reply

    My hamster is too big to cup. He was overfed in the pet shop and he didn’t
    have the wheel, and he’s still a big Syrian anyway. It doesn’t help that I
    have small hands, so cupping is quite difficult..

  16. IONLittleSparrow
    | Reply

    I got my hamster yesterday. He is taking treats from me. He’s not very shy.
    He bit me yesterday it hurt my feelings a little though. You have helped me
    so much thank you :)

  17. mulciberus
    | Reply

    I’ve been caring for, and writing professionally about hamsters for a very
    long time, but I just discovered your videos. In all that I’ve seen your
    advice has been excellent and your presentation superb. Wonderful work,
    good luck with it!

  18. Georgia_saurus
    | Reply

    My new hamster Bambi does that thing where she hides in the tubes, we can’t
    take them out however because that’s how she gets from one level to
    another. I’m just hoping that she becomes a little more confident over the
    weeks :3

  19. Lilly Kohandani
    | Reply

    Hoppinghammy my hamster her name is mindy I put my hand out with food on it
    and she just bites it so what do I do?ps I love your videos

  20. Noor Eljdid
    | Reply

    If I have two syrian hamsters, can I put them in the same cage?

  21. Phiphicrazygirl
    | Reply

    How big should a Syrian cage be?

  22. Squishy Squaishy
    | Reply

    +HoppingHammy I want to get a hamster but I have two pet dogs and no room
    in my garage. I have a spare room which I was going to organise a cage for
    the hamster but I’m moving house in 4-6 months and I won’t have a spare
    room. How will my dogs react to a hamster?
    Also do hamsters smell?
    Where would I put the hamster cage if I do not have a spare room

  23. hammy juggler
    | Reply

    your my hamster expert … also … u say not to pick them up for about 1
    week but all of my hamsters love me even though i picked them up after
    about 20-24 some hours. 

  24. john mendoza
    | Reply

    I want a hamster . But about how much do they cost + there supplies 

  25. Myles Dungan
    | Reply

    Hey i am about to get a hamster, what types of tubes/cage things to you
    have for Sumatra???(SORRY IF MY SPELLING IS OFF)

  26. GingerHamster Aj
    | Reply

    sigh…… I guess i will never have a tamed hamster because my mom won’t
    let me tame him she keeps on saying for the bathtub bonding that he will
    esape i think really he’s 2 years old and its slipery even Randy(berad
    dragon)could not get out

  27. HamsterFanatic99
    | Reply

    I like the claw part!

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