Taming an untame biting unhandfed bird in 1 day¦

Bird Tameness offers great taming tips for ur bird . Here …we show how an untame untrained biting hissing unhandfed becomes handfed tame trained petted and…

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42 Responses

  1. RoseJ999
    | Reply

    I had very problematic female cockatiel she was 1 year old when i got her
    from pet shop (she was really aggressive when she came into my house) so i
    let her be about a week just talking to her, filling food cups and cleaning.
    She never came to sit on my finger or ate from my hand…. of course i
    tryed everything what i could, but she was just aggressive.
    When she turned 9 years old she started to want petting and tryed to
    “communicate with me” tryed to imitate some whistles what i made to her”
    and i was happy even that little progress… She passed away when she was
    14 years old….
    Maybe it was that pet shop wich did her so aggressive shouldnt bought that
    bird from there at first place i know
    And sorry for my bad english

  2. kimmeding1
    | Reply

    Sorry but this is not real. That bird did have human hand in his cage or on
    him before cause a really wild bird will not step up but just jump off.

  3. 123mrthunder
    | Reply

    I think the birds need to get use to ir hands and voice before trying this

  4. 00aBs00
    | Reply

    my bird doesnt even allow me to get close to him and flaps his wings
    hysterically if i get just near to the cage …

  5. jonatan lossius
    | Reply

    heey mate, I just tamed my new cockatiel whit your method in one day! ;D
    love it! the cockatiel was 4 years old. you need to add me on facebook:
    Jonatan Lossius Skarsvåg! 😉

  6. lifeshooter
    | Reply


  7. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Hi, you can try different colors of gloves and test it out. She might be
    frightened at first but if you approach her very slowly , quietly and
    cautiously she will get used to it DO this on a daily basis and you will
    find that your bird is getting used to your gloves. If you decide to use
    the gloves then stick to it and dont use your hands once and the gloves
    another time as that will scare her and confuse her. Thanks for your qs.
    Like our fb page named bird tameness. It will help u a lot !>

  8. Crowfeather rasmus
    | Reply

    Would it be ok for some little advice? I’m 15 and got given an aggressive
    amber cockatiel, I’m not sure if its a boy or girl but I call her a girl.
    you can’t go near her cage without hisses but I can get her out using a
    towel, so at least she can have exercise. She will sit on my hand if I use
    my fist, but I want to be able to pet her. I saw how you were letting him
    bite you, and would it scare her if I used thin rubber gloves? I’m just a
    bit sacred of her and dont want to hurt her by accident

  9. Bruss12s
    | Reply


  10. Jenn Innes
    | Reply

    I have had a parrotlet for just over a year (I got him 6 weeks after he was
    born), and he still won’t let me pet him. I can’t put my hand anywhere near
    his back or he’ll freak out and either bite or fly away — suggestions?

  11. luv bird
    | Reply

    i think you said step up boy too many times

  12. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    It is true, it does happen in a day with our secrets offered by bird
    tameness. Remember nothing is impossible the word itself says “I’m possible”

  13. lambofwrath
    | Reply

    All I’m saying bro is that the camera can’t always capture time in between
    the attaining of a bird and the video we see… I just find it hard to
    believe that they react this way when so many birds clipped wings or not
    would not allow that so early on after being “untame” their whole lives

  14. Stephen Naraj
    | Reply

    When he says step up its like one of those annoying parrots but good video

  15. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    ( thank you , kindly check our other videos, subscribe , share and like our
    very very helpful facebook page called bird tameness . “Bird Tameness ” )
    شكرا جزيلا لك يا سيدي، يرجى مراجعة موقعنا على أشرطة الفيديو وغيرها وتابع
    صفحة الفيسبوك لدينا جدا مفيدة للغاية

  16. بن حسين التمتام ضرماء
    | Reply

    عمل رائع ..وطريقة رائعه في تعليم طئر الكروان..تقبلوا شكري وتقديري

  17. Andreas Jüttner
    | Reply

    in 1 day … what a dreamer :/

  18. Jay Lee
    | Reply

    Lol cockatiel used to be hissing and biting..got alot of powder …

  19. uniqueamin7
    | Reply

    your bird kind bad

  20. titi46392
    | Reply

    You say step up boy good boy

  21. XxSoSaXyzZ
    | Reply

    I’m sorry about the first comment but heshe is a pearl. i just wanna say
    how do i train my parakeet to step up when but when i try he bites the ….
    out of me???

  22. XxSoSaXyzZ
    | Reply

    he is not cinnanom he is a pearl cockatiel…

  23. Caden Dgama
    | Reply

    Can you train my bird?

  24. iloveyou73151
    | Reply

    STEP UP BOY ! 🙂

  25. maramadeus
    | Reply

    Do you have to trim your bird on the first day

  26. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    . hey, If you are willing to breed them then dnt even think about
    TRAINING.To breed birds you must leave them in a cage with a spacious nest
    box fit for 2 budgies , variety of food, cuttlebone, calcium, boiled egg
    without salt or oil and with the egg shell cracked in there seed food.make
    sure the cage remains clean, filled with toysBreeding happens and they have
    passed maturity stage and when the female decides to lay eggs you will
    see her spending time in the nest box and cutting the box!!!

  27. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Hi,gd qs.Itdepnds on whether you will have the commitment to train him.Sch
    cases must be dealt with massive attention, love,and time.He is getting
    rlly stressed as he isnt familiar with people.This quality must be mastered
    with birds at a young age bt there is a great possibility of taming
    him.Since he is old,u MUST wing trim him at a veteranian for saftey.Nxt
    follow the “Step by step guide”in our video named “Best taming video ever”
    in our channel. It will guide u how to tame him on the spot !.

  28. willdogg42069
    | Reply

    Hi, I have an 18 year old cockateil, and he isn’t friendly at all. He was
    about 9 years old when I got him and I was wondering if it is even possible
    to tame him. He seems very stressed when people come near him, so I’ve just
    let him be, because i don’t want to stress him out too much. I was
    wondering if it is even a good idea to try taming him, or should I just
    leave him alone?

  29. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    like our facebook page named bird tameness and kindly subscribe

  30. Akhil Vashist
    | Reply

    Hi I am akhil.I live in india.i have 4 budgies.when i put my finger on
    their belly they step on my finger.but when i try to take them out they
    just run away.plz help.and could you give breeding tips on

  31. lakshya Bhargava
    | Reply

    hey i have a budgie of 1 or 2 months i spend my much time with him and i
    also dose hand fed and he is not afraid of my hand but still he bite me not
    let me touch his head or wings for tameing

  32. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Follow the instructions in our reply to you below. If your bird at any case
    jumps away then let them stepup and instantly place them back on the stand.
    Make sure they have food and water on the stand and their cage is hidden.
    Wing trim them to avoid injuries and dont worry by the time you train
    them,their wings will grow back this is just for saftey and speeds up the
    training 20 times faster.take them out at least 3-4 hours and train them1
    hr at least.This method was succeeded by many birdlovers

  33. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    We have a video newly released named “best taming video ever !” .Its how we
    tamed a bird on the spot !; morover, it shows you how to teach ur bird
    exactly to step up, sit on ur shoulder and more. Wing trim your bird,take
    them out and place them on a stand with their cage hidden so they dnt see
    it.Place them on a daily basis on the stand for 1 week. Then start with the
    step up technique by gently pressing on the shoulder. when they do reward
    with treats.continue 10-20 times a day.

  34. Kristal Sterling
    | Reply

    My parakeet are completely wild. They won’t even let me go near them with
    my hands. Can you tell me what to do? I thought they were trained when I
    first got them, and tried to handle them, which traumatized him.. can you

  35. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Okay, here you are facing two types of problems from experience. 1.
    dominance 2. lack of attention. Dominance is cause when birds reach
    maturity stage when they are 1-2 years and you must not place it on your
    shoulder as they become extremly dominant and starts biting fingers and
    ears. As for lack of attention that will instantly change his mood and make
    him much more aggressive and will develop attitude.

  36. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    To prevent that:. 1, stop placing him on your shoulder. 2. train and reward
    with treats 3. spend much more time with him. 4. end your free time wiith
    him with a postive attitude such as when you place him back in the cage,
    reward him with a treat and favorite toys. thanks. like our facebook page
    named bird tameness and subscribe!

  37. Robin Smith
    | Reply

    I’ve had my cockatiel for 18mo, he was a handfed baby. At first he was very
    tame and not biting, but now he bites occasionally and when he does it’s
    hard. He usually will step up for me, but if he’s on my shoulder he will
    bite if I try to reach him so I have to go over to his cage and he will go
    back that way only. I can’t pet him, he bites every time I try, he used to
    let me but then all of a sudden his personality changed. Possibly due to
    not as much attention as I gave him at first.

  38. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    His wings are trimmed and we were told by the owner that he has never ever
    been touched !

  39. lambofwrath
    | Reply

    I call Bull… he is not completely untamed. if you could do this with my
    cockatiels then fine, i’d believe that its this easy. but as he did not fly
    away as @Annakist76 said, this does seem quite far from untamed…

  40. S Jochim
    | Reply

    So how did you get him to step up?

  41. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Good question. Untamed means not tamed as in , it isnt used to your hand,
    isnt used to being out of the cage. Untrained means not trained to do
    tricks or step up on your hand. On the other hand, wild and untamed means
    completley wild, flies all around and has severe frights, This cockatiel
    was for a customer that trimmed its wings and so it doesnt fly much.
    Regards-parrot whisperer

  42. Annakist76
    | Reply

    Nice vid, but I do not understand how he can be described as untame? In my
    book an untame bird would fly all over the place.

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