Taming a scared hamster

-Watch in HD-

Having trouble taming your hamster because it’s scared?
Is your hamster very fast and skittish?
Did you do something wrong in the past and is your hamster now scared of you?
Or did you get a traumatized hamster and you have no idea how to tame it?
This video gives you some tips!!
Questions down below 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. Hampton The First
    | Reply

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ronald Pratama
    | Reply

    My hammies simply snatches away the treats and ignores my hand completely…well, guess i'll keep on trying then 😂 Thank you for such an awesome tips. 👍

  3. one of my bananas was a parrot
    | Reply

    I read the title "taming a sacred hamster"

  4. Mohammad Bani khaled
    | Reply

    I don't like Hamsters please make a video about guinea pigs

  5. Dark Rouge
    | Reply


  6. yellowboba
    | Reply

    i believe my hamster was traumatized from the pet store i got her from:( (normally if they’re from pet stores they’re from mills. she’s so scared of everything, and she won’t even go near me. she immediately burrows under the substrate if i put my hand into the cage and she never comes out until i leave. i’ve left my hand there for an hour before. i believe she’s un-tameable and that really disappoints me.

  7. Yom Bomb
    | Reply

    My hamster bit me over and over and over until I just flushed him down the toilet and got a new one, the new one is super nice and sweet. Best choice ive made with hamsters. I would recommend just getting rid of one if its being bad after 2 weeks, its a lost cause. Either return it or kill it, its not going to get better.

  8. Clover Kitty
    | Reply

    How to train your dragon hamster

  9. tanya Sussens
    | Reply

    What if your hamster bites me mickey always bites

  10. margaret valentine
    | Reply

    I have a mini robo and it's so small and he's so fast and he is scared and this video will probably help!!! 🐹

  11. Poppy And Pets
    | Reply

    I went too far I took my hamster out for the first time and she wouldn't take food for me so I tried to get out and she kept climbing out of my arms and she jumped and fell into her cage I feel so bad and I don't want her to get wet tail

  12. Joan Rosales
    | Reply

    I'm going to try it

  13. I Record And Post
    | Reply

    I have a hamster named Bella. We were great together for about a month and I found out about roblox. I basically abandoned her for a game. After about a year my mom told me that roblox was bad for me and that I couldn’t play it anymore. I was devastated… I tried being with my hamster again and it just didn’t work out. Now I think she hates me. This didn’t help but thx. It encouraged me bc now I know that we bond again.

  14. FunkyPain Bow
    | Reply

    I’m just scared that she’s gonna bite! She might even jump out of the cage!

  15. Eutonia
    | Reply

    My old Russian Dwarf hamster was called Diesel, and he was well tamed & he never bit or anything 🙂

  16. KrissiboyNL
    | Reply

    goed Engels gesproken tho

  17. Sophie McDonald
    | Reply

    I did tame my hamster and when I got treats and placed them on my hand she would eat them on my hand ,but later in the year I stopped this routine and decided I didn't need to do this anymore because she already go the hang of it. Then I just kept on feeding her with a treat in between my fingers and she got used to it.I didn't place the treat on my hand for a very long time.Then one day I decided to put the treat on my hand but she was too scared.I thought she didn't want the treat but I was wrong.I did not force her.I am mad at my self for not doing this process for a long time and now she is more than one years old.She still can not go on to my hand and I can not pick her up at all.Now I have to do this process AGAIN for the second time.But I have learned a life lesson here at least.

  18. Realbrianamadrid
    | Reply

    Thank you very much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  19. Ari Diva
    | Reply

    If i put my hand in the cage he bites me ;-;
    Even if there is a treat
    But my hamster doesn't like being touched on his sides because if you pet him to close to his side

  20. Commander Cracker
    | Reply

    Great, I have a robo…

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