Talking dog! funny Chow Chows Talk

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

more: see also Dogs are spiritual My dog can talk! Two cute chow chows express their love for car rides. These chowchows make great pets and are like guardian angels. “I love you” from a dog. Does your dog talk too? My dog loves my guru too: my favorite meditation/manifestation videos: Awaken Your Inner Power: (claim your power and have a fabulous life, free youtube seminar by Dattatreya Siva Baba) Do something fantastic! Help build homes 4 the poor. Your donation is tax deductible. Low on money. Donate your expertise! thank you. Let’s go for a ride on this beautiful day and play together, okay? Chow chow tells his people he’s ready for his car ride.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. musiclover1ism
    | Reply

    aww chows r sooo KUTE!

  2. shagmasterme
    | Reply

    reminds me of my sugarbear :]

  3. melodystarable
    | Reply


  4. Cannarea
    | Reply

    omg those dogs are AWESOME! XD

  5. IhateJonasBros100
    | Reply

    Can’t believe 1,582 people didn’t like this. I think it’s adorable. We had a few Chows in our house at one point. One was red, the other was black. We named them Pongo and Perdita. You can guess what WE watched a lot as kids. They even had a few litters of puppies, and we miss them all. We ended up giving Perdita away to another family, and all the puppies. We would’ve had Pongo a few more years if some idiot hadn’t let him out of our yard and then run him over. I miss him. He was a good dog.

  6. BrownBrown90
    | Reply

    I had a chow-pitbull mix who was the sweetest, lovingest dog in the world and she made that same kind of cry when she wanted to go for a walk (or if she got left behind). This video sure reminded me of my Cocoa. Thanks!

  7. troyboi207
    | Reply

    i have a chow lab mix and she went wild when she herd the dogs cry it was hilarious

  8. Christof0127
    | Reply

    Reminds me of my Lab, when ever he whines he does that little bird sound that “giigigigigigi”

    It’s hilarious.

  9. Sing4More
    | Reply

    My dog, Moose the chocolate lab, likes this video. He keeps turning his head and putting it up to the screen.

  10. iTZzArJuN
    | Reply

    wat type of dog is that ?? first thing that came to mind was a shitzu?? why??

  11. Dave50689
    | Reply

    @iTZzArJuN It’s a “Chow Chow”, Shih Tzu and Chow Chow’s are very different dog’s, but both of them are imported from China, except Chow Chow is more in the northern parts of China, and Shih Tzu is imported in the west parts of China.

  12. 9InchesInDiameter
    | Reply

    I love when dogs turn there head like that 😀

  13. amandajohnson321
    | Reply

    my dog started tilting his head and i started laughing really loud cause i thought it was funny

  14. kashyk24
    | Reply

    Im really in love with Chow Chow’s and Huskies!!! One day when I live by myself I will definately have one of the two!!!!

  15. HotVolume
    | Reply

    Hmm… Why did so many people dislike this video? Some people don’t see the true beauty of things…

  16. emiliame
    | Reply

    awwwww they are so so so cute <3

  17. 11thenicegirl
    | Reply

    @emiliame: I know, that is super cute 

  18. ih8school4797
    | Reply

    the name “Chow Chow” always cracks me up. idk why but its so funny

  19. nicholechamp01
    | Reply

    They are so cute!

  20. ElPINGAS9000
    | Reply


  21. NanamiEkiguchi
    | Reply

    How cute :3

  22. cutipiez412
    | Reply

    chow chow puppies are sooo cute!

  23. xlovexxtealx55
    | Reply

    my choww chowww doess this tooooo

  24. 1NekoKuroi
    | Reply

    The chow chow are so cuteee! ♥

  25. animeloverZBreezy
    | Reply

    aww! the second pup is wearing Uggs!

    XD so cute!

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