Tale of Mo 7: Dog training tips , Border Collie Rescue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Episode 7 of the Tale of Mo: Dog Training Tips focuses on training sit, down and leave it. This episode, as well as a couple of others involving training actually come before Episode 6, but I just didn’t get around to getting them up in time. Mo is a Border Collie, and we foster him as part of the Border Collie Rescue of Texas. www.bcrescuetexas.org Right now we have some big medical bills because of a couple of rescue dogs that tested positive for heart worms and other medical emergencies. If you would like to donate to help these dogs, please see our website.

What do you think?

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6 Responses

  1. Bonlyn100
    | Reply

    from the beginning of the video, it looks like Mo has foound his forever partner!

  2. DidYaQ
    | Reply

    He is a great boy! We did a home visit for a possible forever home for him the other day, so it looks like he’ll be going to his forever home soon! (But I’ll always like hanging out with him.)
    We find the best homes we can for each dog that comes through on foster, because there is always more that need help.

  3. DonDurkee
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing. You are doing great work.

  4. zackwelll
    | Reply

    omg , that dog seems a catXD

  5. heatrdabest
    | Reply

    lol at 8:10 that was the best leave it ive ever seen.

    Great video, i just got my border collie puppey 🙂 2 months old.

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