PetLvr Blog Promotional Video

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Here is a little promotional video I created at … Enjoy 🙂 Music in the background: Artist: Daniel Bautista Title: Sabre Dance Album: Classics and Soundtracks Found: What Do You Think? I wish I … Read More

Video: The Dog, The Cat, And The Rat

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This was forwarded to my attention via Email with the following description: This is a video of one of the homeless in Santa Barbara and his pets. They work State Street every week for donations. The … Read More

Hera Sings! Feels So good!

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Break Time! How can I resist a catchy, new song .. with a lot of puppies in it? Or, an email from Hera herself … Hera wrote: Hello 🙂 Just wanted to let you know about … Read More

A Few Cute And Baby Animal Videos on YouTube This Week

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Just Fluff today … a few new mashups of cute pet and animal pictures that’s been going around the ‘net ..

A Cool Mint – YouTube Commercial

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… Nothing could stop the Forest Fire … Except maybe … a miracle … Found at Ruth’s Information About

Fifty Fun Dog Videos

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The Dog Reflections Blog has posted 50 Fun Dog Videos … This was my favorite: 5. How To Get Rid of Junk Mail Abby the Boston Terrier has the perfect solution for all the junk mail … Read More

In The Morning With The Cat (Cartoon Video)

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This is cute 🙂 Found at: WakeUpVibes Blog – Morning, Music, Coffee and Waking up

Ah … Memories of Agility

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While Sophie has yet to experience “Agility” .. Maxxie and ourselves had much fun on “Agility Nights” .. Some days were perfect .. Some days he was quite vocal yapping at us to keep up with … Read More

Happy Birthday Maxxie!

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Happy 8th Birthday Maxxie! Our Maxxie is 8 year old Papillon – born today April 27th! I thought I would plaster his picture all over here! And why not? He’s a cutie, ain’t he? Besides in … Read More

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