Ferreting 2017, working are young ferrets.

Working are young ferrets on a couple of warrens … [Read more...]

Video Request 1; Pole And Gridwork Exercises For Horses/ Young Horses Tutorial

Sorry it's not very good but I tried my best!! I had a video request to make a video on different pole work exercises that are beneficial for young horses or horses that need a bit of work, I've shown … [Read more...]

In Hand Work (Training the Young Horse) – Your Riding Success

http://www.dressagemastery.com The Online Dressage Program helping riders all around the world. If you found this video helpful SUBSCRIBE to get the latest training videos. In this video, Natasha does … [Read more...]

Starting a Young Horse Over Jumps

The initial training of a young or green horse over jumps will have a big impact on how easy and safe they are to jump. In this video, I share several key objectives of a horse's early jump training … [Read more...]

William Funnell | Young horse’s first introduction to fences | HorseandRider UK

"Before a horse starts to jump," says William, "I like him to be able to hold his canter well in the arena and for the rider to have control of his shoulders. That way, you can keep the horse … [Read more...]

Groundwork Training With a Young Horse : Teaching a Young Horse to Lunge

Teaching a young horse to lunge prepares the horse to be ridden. Learn how to teach a young horse to lunge in this free horse training video. Expert: Mara Ke... … [Read more...]

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