Working Cattle & Team Penning : Training Your Horse in the Hole: Ranch Sorting

The hole is one of the most difficult areas in team penning and side passing is a good exercises to practice working the hole. See exercises you can use to train your horse in the hole in this free … [Read more...]

Ferreting 2017, working are young ferrets.

Working are young ferrets on a couple of warrens … [Read more...]

Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground: Long Lines, Long and Short Reins, Work on the Longe

Bringing new life to time-tested techniques, this gorgeously illustrated book shows how "in-hand" methods can be used by the modern equestrian to better a horse's performance in any discipline. … [Read more...]

Retriever Training Tips – How I throw my own marks

[Read more...]

Gun Dog Labrador Retriever Training

[Read more...]

Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?

Well - I'M working hard! I don't know about Maxxie and Sophie though ... unless you count them working hard at taking it easy! They are great dogs .. they seem to know when I'm really busy and they … [Read more...]

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