Animal Rescue Stories


I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest! ======================== Note: information from YouTube ======================== A thank you to all animal lovers and anyone involved with animal rescue. Tells the stories of some special rescued animals and how the different aspects of rescue changed their lives. […]

Best Ways to Give Pills to a Dog


Giving pills to a dog can be easy, depending upon the dog, but it can also be nearly impossible, particularly if it’s a small dog that needs to take a large pill. I’ll use this post … Read More

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Foster Dog


We’ve already covered the most difficult part of fostering: Letting go of a foster pet. However, I’m currently dealing with the other end of the foster cycle: Waiting for that call saying, “We’ve got a dog that … Read More

Clifford the Big – Lipoma?


This post was written by guest author Kristen Martin. Please visit Kristen over on her blog at Who’s Your Audience – Stream of Consciousness. Wellington – the Black Lab / Chow Mix Wellington is an eight-year-old … Read More

Preventing Allergies in Dogs


For dogs with allergies, exposure to even a small amount of a food or environmental allergen can mean days of itching miserably, sneezing, and even outbreaks of hives or skin sores. Some dogs who have allergies … Read More

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