Why Do Cats Have Accidents When Their Owners Leave Town?


Cat owners often complain that their cats are “jealous” or “get revenge” by urinating and defecating inappropriately after being left alone during an owner’s vacation. This myth is so pervasive that it appears in comics, books, movies and … Read More

Car Sickness in Pets


Nothing ruins a pet-friendly vacation like car sickness. One moment you’re anticipating a game of fetch on the beach, and the next you’re cleaning a puddle of pre-digested kibble out of the car. For pets with … Read More

Petsitter or Boarding Kennel? Part Two


Petsitters and boarding kennels each have advantages and disadvantages for pets staying behind while owners travel. Yesterday we examined the pros and cons of choosing a boarding facility. Today, we’ll do the same for petsitters. Some petsitters … Read More

Petsitter or Boarding Kennel? Part One.


When vacationing without pets, one must often choose between a petsitter or sending pets to a boarding kennel. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I hate to leave my dog for even a single night, so I … Read More

Eye Spy with My Little Eye


Ever wonder what your pets do when you leave them in charge of the house while you go on vacation? While you are lying on the beach soaking up the sun or cruising down a snow-capped … Read More

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