Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED BirdLvr.com Blog


I have just completed upgrading this blog to the latest wordpress version 2.5+ including the upgrade of many plugins and changed it to the “LVR” series network template!
This was a major upgrade to our MySQL database and certain plugins were not compatible and new ones were added .. so if you see anything kooky […]

Welcome To The NEW AND IMPROVED CatLvr.com Blog


I am pleased to announce that this blog has finally been upgraded to the latest WordPress version 2.5 and now sports the latest “LVR” series network template design. As this is a major upgrade to the … Read More

The Upgrade Is Complete – For Sure!


Further to my earlier post called “The Upgrade Is Complete – Sort Of” … I believe I fixed that error message we were all having when posting comments in [The Blog]. I have identified the culprit … Read More

An Upgrade Is In Progress


Please bear with me .. as I upgrade this blog from wordpress version 2.3.3 to the latest wordpress version 2.5. This is a major update, and will affect the functionality of a few plugins which I … Read More

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