How to train your cat to do tricks. Part 2. Turn Round. Lie Down. Roll

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How to train your cat. Part 2. In this video you will see how Daisy Blue is being trained to: – Turn Round (she turns 360*) Watch how I show her to Turn Round at 0:03 … Read More

train your bird to turn around

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how to teach and learn tricks for your birds.

How To Train A Horse To Turn On The Forehand

| | Do you want to train your horse to do a forehand turn? Teaching the horse …

HOW TO: Teach your rabbit tricks {{up, turn, weave & walk}}

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Please watch in HD? Thankz for watching guyz! 🙂 So in this video i just explained how to teach your rabbit how to . stand . spin . walk & weave through legs…

Shaping Explained- Part 1 of Training Your Dog to Turn on a Light Switch with Clicker

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