Horse Trick Training – follow me, jump, kick, take, drop, turn

More horse trick training with Jay :-) Here are some more tricks such as follow me, feet in tyre, kick, take, drop, jump.... Jay loves doing tricks...and I love playing with him! Have fun! … [Read more...]

How to train your cat to do tricks. Part 2. Turn Round. Lie Down. Roll

How to train your cat. Part 2. In this video you will see how Daisy Blue is being trained to: - Turn Round (she turns 360*) Watch how I show her to Turn Round at 0:03 sec. - Lie Down (she... … [Read more...]

train your bird to turn around

how to teach and learn tricks for your birds. … [Read more...]

How To Train A Horse To Turn On The Forehand Do you want to train your horse to do a forehand turn? Teaching the horse ... … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Teach your rabbit tricks {{up, turn, weave & walk}}

Please watch in HD? Thankz for watching guyz! :) So in this video i just explained how to teach your rabbit how to . stand . spin . walk & weave through legs... … [Read more...]

Shaping Explained- Part 1 of Training Your Dog to Turn on a Light Switch with Clicker

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