Parrot Training: A Guide to Taming and Gentling Your Avian Companion (Pets)

In paperback at last — the definitive guide to parrot training. Originally published as The Pleasure of Their Company: An Owner's Guide to Parrot Training, this amply illustrated book is just what … [Read more...]

Taming, Training & Tricks V1 Dvd! Bird Tricks,

Taming, Training & Tricks Volume 1 Dvd! Chet & David Womach. From the back: Millions of people worldwide struggle with their parrots' behavioral problems. And from this day forward there are … [Read more...]

Clicker training your ferret: Spin and intro to clicker

Subsrible for more ferret Trick videos -PetsStars Australia here- Hey guys it Miss Blu Winter here and Loki, I hope you all enjoy the video and give me lots ... … [Read more...]

How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat - More great tips for raising a happy and healthy cat! How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat Contrary to popular belief, a... … [Read more...]

HorseTrix #4- Training the SMILE

In this episode of Heidi Herriott's HorseTrix, she teaches you how to train your horse to SMILE. This is a trick you can work on often, even in the stall. Yo... … [Read more...]

Training Your Pet Rat

9780764112089 Features: -Title: Training Your Pet Rat.-ISBN: 0764112082.-ISBN 13: 9780764112089.-General subject: Pets.-Subject: Pets / reference.-Language: English.-Publication date: 07/01/2000. … [Read more...]

Train Your Dog to Hunt Birds : Learn Bird Hunting Dog Training Tools

Learn to use whistles, training dummies and congs to train your bird dog in this free video. Expert: Charlie McCanna Bio: Charlie McCanna has been training a... … [Read more...]

Leash Training Ferrets -pt 1

Have had a few questions on how I train my ferrets to behave so well outside off and on leash. Here's my step by step training videos..This part covers harne... … [Read more...]

Pet Rat Care And Training Guide.

Learn How To Have A Wonderful Life With Your Rats. Click Here For More Information … [Read more...]

Rabbit Care & Training Secrets

New Product!* Comprehensive Manual Teaches Rabbit Owners (a Very Overlooked, Targeted Niche!) All They Need To Know About Care And Training. We Are *continually* Testing New Opt-in/sales Copy To … [Read more...]

Lupine Training Tab/Leash for Larger Dogs, 1-Inch Wide, Turtle Reef

1-inch wide training tabs are suitable for medium and larger dogs. Features a 7-1/4 inch self-loop handle with strong bar-tack stitching and convenient reverse-gate snap. Use on a supervised dog as a … [Read more...]

Strength and Power Training for Martial Arts

Strength and power are essential attributes for any martial artist, affecting everything from how hard you punch to how high you jump. Whether your goal is to defeat an opponent in the ring or on the … [Read more...]

Amazing Rabbit Training Examples

I trained my Holland lop-eared rabbit Loretta to do lots of cute tricks, including run agility. Here are some clips of what she has learned. Training has gre... … [Read more...]

Trick Training for Horses: Fun Ways to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Horse

With instructions on the best ways to teach a horse tricks using positive reinforcement, this guide provides trainers with ways to make their horses become better performers and be more responsive. … [Read more...]

Koi Fish Dvd Training & Ebooks For Beginners And Experts

Diy Koi Fish Training Offers Exclusive Dvd Training & Ebooks For The Koi Fish Hobby. How To Style Videos Teach Pond Design, Building A Fish Pond, Build A Filter, Breed Fish, Train Fish Aquatic … [Read more...]

Training your ferrets : How to Teach your Ferret Fancy Tricks

How to teach your ferrets some fancy tricks such as ''stand up'', ''hi5'', ''shake paw'', and ''rollover'' with Johnny & Cujo Cujo (the Marshall Black Roan M... … [Read more...]

Hand Training With Benny

Little tutorial with me and my boy Benny Deux on how to train your rat to trust your hand. … [Read more...]

Rattie Training Video: Tightrope Walking – Part One

ATTENTION: THIS VIDEO NOW HAS A NEW & IMPROVED VERSION! Please view my ALL NEW "Rattie Training Video: Tightropes" here: --------... … [Read more...]

litter box training your rat

short vid of how i am training my rats to use the liter box. I am really tired in this one so sorry for the ho hum attitude lmao i had to get up early and i ... … [Read more...]

Tru-Track Kennel “Track & Hunt” Rabbit Dog Training DVD

Tru-Track Kennel Presents: TRACK & HUNT WITH JEFF DEBORD Come along and join expert beagle trainer, Jeff DeBord, as he shows how to start two young pups in his proven training method. Also, join … [Read more...]

How to Care For a Ferret : Training Pet Ferrets to Use the Litter Box

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to train a pet ferret to use a litter box in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: www.e... … [Read more...]

Guide To Owing A Rat – Housing, Feeding, Taming, Training, Breeding, Health

[Read more...]

Rat Training 1-Come by Name

This is the first in a series of rat training videos! This one demonstrates how to train a rat to go to you when you call it's name. The next is about traini... … [Read more...]

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

Cats are intelligent curious animals that enjoy learning new behaviors adn skills. THis book will show you how to train your cat in just minutes a day. The training is based on positive reinforcement, … [Read more...]

How to train your horse to steal – Horse Trick Training

This is a video explaining how to train your horse to steal something of you such as a towel or a hat. First a horse has to learn to grab something which you... … [Read more...]

Ontario Training Knife Randall RAT 7

Randall's Adventure and Training (RAT) is a professional survival training, expedition guiding, and outdoor gear research team based in Alabama. The Ontario Knives RAT-7 knife features a 6.5"" drop … [Read more...]

The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke: Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps

By popular demand, Sean Patrick has provided the perfect educational tool to complement his gimmick-free, do-it-yourself "Countdown" to training the all-around riding horse—a series of basic exercises … [Read more...]

Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground: Long Lines, Long and Short Reins, Work on the Longe

Bringing new life to time-tested techniques, this gorgeously illustrated book shows how "in-hand" methods can be used by the modern equestrian to better a horse's performance in any discipline. … [Read more...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boys 2-7 Ninjas In Training, Red, 04      

Crewneck short sleeve tee Product Features Multi-color screen on front Contrast trim on sleeves … [Read more...]

Horse Training Tip: Inside Secret To Understanding A Flowing, Slow Lope We've all watched a pleasure class and have seen a horse loping and could hardly tell which lead they were on in the front. World Champion Western Pleasure Horse … [Read more...]

Dog Training Tips : Keeping Dogs From Chewing

Learn tips on how to keep you dog from chewing in this free video clip on how to train them. Expert: Marshall Mills Bio: Marshall Mills has had his dog since she was a puppy & she's been in two … [Read more...]

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

Don't think your cat can learn to come on command, perch on your shoulder, or walk on a leash? Think again! Cat Training in 10 Minutes shows you how to teach your cat to perform simple tricks in just … [Read more...]

Horse Training Tips: Leading Your Horse Who's leading who? Dr. Allan Hamilton demonstrates the proper way to lead a horse. … [Read more...]

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