A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving (Ep. 4)


Subscribe for more videos! ▻ http://bit.ly/SubHelloDenizen HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE. As always, we work with professional animal trainers to be sure that…

Don't Be A Turkey To Your Pet – Here Are Some Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips


Thanksgiving in United States will be on November 25, 2010. Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving back on October 11, 2010 but these safety tips can apply all year round and at Christmas too! It’s not just giving scraps … Read More

Help Shelter Pets Have Something for which to Give Thanks


As you give thanks for your beloved pets today, remember shelter pets and the people who work hard to improve their lives and find homes for them. Economic turmoil has caused an increase in the number of pets surrendered … Read More

Protect Your Pets from Thanksgiving Coma


During Thanksgiving when all of your family is together, it can be tempting for you and others to treat the dog or cat to some table scraps. While overeating has always seemed to be the goal … Read More

Sharing Thanksgiving with Pets


It might be tempting to just scoop some stuffing and a few bites of turkey into your pet’s bowl on Thanksgiving, but beware: Onions, raisins, garlic, and other ingredients in Thanksgiving staples can be harmful to … Read More

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