Stress and Urine Marking in Cats

We all know by now how stress can affect the human body, but what about our pets? People aren't the only ones who get ‘stressed out'. But while we might get headaches, neck aches or stomach trouble … [Read more...]

Health Concerns When Breeding Cats-Part II

The Breeder During the seven hour drive to the breeder's house, I made sure Sophie had some water to keep hydrated and ate some dry food. Luckily, she didn't get car sick. My other Sphynx, Amorius, … [Read more...]

Sex and the neutered cat (Caution: some explicit language)

I have always considered myself to be a fairly knowledgeable person when it comes to pet, cats in particular. I've had pets of one sort or another all my life and I majored in pre-vet/biology in … [Read more...]

About the Mysterious Sphynx

If you've always had a secret longing to own that charming little alien in the ET movie, you will probably fall in love with the Sphynx cat breed. This cat's wrinkly small face, huge ears, and … [Read more...]

Newborn Kitten – Tips On Chosing A Newborn Kitten

By Kevin Lampard Kittens are often the best cats to start out with. With a newborn kitten you are starting with a clean slate and you will have a friend that will quickly bond with you. Kittens are … [Read more...]

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