Facts About Spaying and Neutering | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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TNR: When to Release a Feral Cat or Stray After Spaying or Neutering

The approach for caring for a stray or feral cat after spaying or neutering will largely depend on the animal's behavior. In the case of a fairly tame cat, it's best to keep the cat for 10 to 14 days, … [Read more...]

Your Owner, Not Your Lover! – Song to My Dog (Starring Glenn and Chloe the Chihuahua)

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I've known about the condition mastitis for quite some time now, learning about it in an animal husbandry course I took in college, but I learned about it in farm animals like cows. And even though … [Read more...]

One Rat or Two?

"Should I get one rat, or two?" That's a question I hear asked very often, and, unlike most pet questions, it's got an easy answer. Get two! Or, better yet, three, or as many rats as you have the … [Read more...]

Neutering Your Cat – The Pro's And Con's

By Donna Newnham Getting your cat neutered is a serious decision to make for both you, and your pet. The term neutering applies to both sexes of cat - castration in males, spaying in females. It can … [Read more...]

Spaying Your Female Dog

The decision to spay your female dog is a very serious one, just like the decision to neuter your male dog. There are benefits and risks whichever option you pick. Spaying is essentially performing a … [Read more...]

Neutering Your Male Dog

Neutering a male puppy may be common practice, but it is still serious surgery and carries risks and benefits. Weighing them carefully will result in the best decision for you and your pet. Neutering … [Read more...]

Vet Care Is Vital – Even For Pet Rabbits

Many people get a rabbit for a pet, thinking they can just put it in a cage. They take it out on the rare occasions they feel like it. But that isn't very beneficial for the rabbit and provides the … [Read more...]

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