How to Socialize Your Rat and Gain Their Trust

There are dozens of guides and videos on the Internet teaching you how to socialize your pet rat, but I disagree with most of them. Many of these guides rely... … [Read more...]

How to socialize with your Rat!

This video is how to socialize with your rat! … [Read more...]

How to socialize your new rat and get it used to you

rat socialization. let me know if i missed anything! thanks (: … [Read more...]

Socializing a Puppy 1: Meeting Other Pups | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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Let’s Do Lunch…Bark, Bark!

Sitting down with your friends for lunch once a week is a chance for you to catch up, so it's the perfect time to bond. Every so often don't forget to share lunchtime with your dog too. The spring is … [Read more...]

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