how to scruff your ferret


you NEED to know how to scruff your ferret!!!!!

Ferrets: Toys, Verbal Training, Scruffing, Scruff & Hold, Biting


Answering questions about voice training, punishing ferrets, response to a bite, and elaboration on toys and enrichment items. Toys that I recommend are Kong toys, toy dog sized Booda, and cat toys. Sitting on the editing … Read More

How to: Hold , Scruff , and Pet your ferret! I’m Back!


Mable is the test crash dummy haha:)

How to Scruff a Ferret


Wesley models as I demonstrate how to properly scruff a ferret. Scruffing is useful to keep your ferret still while you clip nails, give meds, or even brush …

How to scruff your ferret


NOT animal cruelty, NOT harmfull to him in any way, This is relaxing to them and they really enjoy it.

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