How to Train a Rat to Find and Indicate a Scent

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In this video, Shadow demonstrates how you can train your rat to find and indicate a scent (scent discrimination). In this video, I am having my rats find container #3. However, the video clip near the … Read More

How to Train your Rat to Find and Indicate a Scent

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This video shows how you can train your rat to find a specific scent, and then shows you where the scent it located.

Scent Work training with a ferret Part 1

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I’m training Joey to search out the scent of anise essential oil. I have checked with my vet that this is safe in small amount for short period of time. Always consult your vet before using … Read More

D.T. Systems Training Scent for Pets, 1-1/4-Ounce, Rabbit

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Great for teaching young dogs to trail, track and find game, highly concentrated scents are applied to dummies during scent training exercises. 1.25-ounce squeeze bottles make it easy to apply. Product Features Rabbit scent 1.25-ounce squeeze bottle … Read More

D.T. Systems Canvas Small 2-Inch by 9-Inch Dog Training Dummy Kit, Canvas with Rabbit Scent

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The dt systems dummy training kits include everything you need for training the best hunting dogs around. You need to supply the dog. Dt systems is bringing out best! Product Features Long lasting and durable dog … Read More

Stress and Urine Marking in Cats

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We all know by now how stress can affect the human body, but what about our pets? People aren’t the only ones who get ‘stressed out’. But while we might get headaches, neck aches or stomach … Read More

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