Training your horse to Stop – Dennis Brouse with Saddle Up

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Having trouble training your horse to stop? Find out training tips and technique from Dennis Brouse. Training DVDs available at

How to Saddle a Horse- English

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This is my horse Kiwi and I demonstrating how to saddle a horse for English riding. Please leave comments and video requests! :) My camera cut off, so check out my other video on how to … Read More

Horse Tack

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If you are figuring up the cost of buying a horse and haven’t added in the cost of tack, you will need to reevaluate your budget. Horse tack is an essential part of owning a horse, … Read More

Guide To Buying A Saddle For Your Horse

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While most people realize they will need a saddle to ride their horses, they may not be aware of all the reasons why they should use a saddle instead of riding bareback. Saddles are often more … Read More

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