Hamster Taming Session | Roborovski Hamster

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Hamster Taming Session | Roborovski Hamster Today I thought I would take my Hamster “Gumdrop” out of his cage for some playtime and a Taming Session:) I hope you all will enjoy! Much love, Pam xoxo … Read More

Hamster White Roborovski 2,5 weeks.mp4

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Cara melatih hamster robo anda agar tidak kabur2an saat dipegang ketika dewasa nanti. :D Tapi cara ini bukan jaminan berhasil, karena tergantung sifat robo n…

How to train your roborovski hamster

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This is a basic hamster training video on robo hamsters! Leave a like and comment below. Also make sure to tell me what breed of hamster you want me to do a …

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