How To Train a Horse to be Light & Supple – Demo & Test for Reining, Cutting or Trail Riding

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To learn more about getting a horse light and supple , go to: This video demonstrates just how impor…

How to Lunge a Horse to Prepare for Riding

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This is a video designed to help teach you how to lunge/longe/loenge your horse to prepare him to be ridden. The contemporary modes of lunging are generally … How to train a horse bridle-less riding practice!

| | Oh My Gosh what another great level of connection! Mr. Tay and I are now working on some bridle-less riding in the round pen. It end…

The Colt Starting, Horse Training and Riding Manual – Complete Training Day 1 Through 2+ Years

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“Discover How To Start Colts, Train Horses and Learn Riding Skills By Following Simple Step-By-Step Goals and Riding Exercises” Starting with foals days old and training through over two years, here’s a training manual that will … Read More

Horseback Riding – 10 Simple Lessons That Will Transform Your Horse Riding and Training

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Horseback Riding – 10 Simple Lessons That Will Transform Your Horse Riding and Training UPDATED! Just added – a free chapter with our horse tips that you can put into use today. Are you dreaming of … Read More

Five Things You Can Do in 30 MInutes to Improve Your Riding Forever

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A short little booklet that shows you how to correct the five most common errors in riding – how to balance your saddle, how to sit in it correctly, how to hold your hands so you … Read More

Bridleless How to Teach Your Horse to back up and Stop while Riding with Troiya

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This is a response to a request, just a short video and not super in depth or anything, so if anyone has anymore questions feel free to ask. And please I am …

Group Riding Lessons Versus Private Instruction

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When enrolling in horseback riding lessons, one must choose between group lessons and private instruction.  Each instructional method has advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, most riders should take a combination of group and individual lessons. If this is not … Read More

How to Stop Horses from Anticipating Cues

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Anticipation is a common problem in horses in all disciplines, particularly those that are advancing rapidly in their training and learning new things. All horses may anticipate cues, but hot-blooded breeds and high-energy horses are most likely … Read More

Do Horses Enjoy Being Ridden?

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Some years ago, I received the gift of a book by the owner and administrator of a large animal sanctuary. Overall, the book was a touching tribute to the many animals rescued by the author. But … Read More

Listen to Your Horse

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Yes, I know, it sounds counterintuitive to allow your horse to have a say in his or her training, but communication should go both ways between a horse and rider. For example, my horse recently was … Read More

Where To Ride Your Horse

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You’ve saddled up your horse for a relaxing day in the saddle when you suddenly realize that you have no idea where to ride him outside of that same little paddock. Are there any more exciting … Read More

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