In Hand Work (Training the Young Horse) – Your Riding Success

| | The Online Dressage Program helping riders all around the world. If you found this video helpful SUBSCRIBE to get the latest training videos. In this video, Natasha does some basic in-hand training with her youngest … Read More

How To Train a Horse to be Light & Supple – Demo & Test for Reining, Cutting or Trail Riding

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To learn more about getting a horse light and supple , go to: This video demonstrates just how impor…

How to Lunge a Horse to Prepare for Riding

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This is a video designed to help teach you how to lunge/longe/loenge your horse to prepare him to be ridden. The contemporary modes of lunging are generally … How to train a horse bridle-less riding practice!

| | Oh My Gosh what another great level of connection! Mr. Tay and I are now working on some bridle-less riding in the round pen. It end…

The Colt Starting, Horse Training and Riding Manual – Complete Training Day 1 Through 2+ Years

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“Discover How To Start Colts, Train Horses and Learn Riding Skills By Following Simple Step-By-Step Goals and Riding Exercises” Starting with foals days old and training through over two years, here’s a training manual that will … Read More

Horseback Riding – 10 Simple Lessons That Will Transform Your Horse Riding and Training

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Horseback Riding – 10 Simple Lessons That Will Transform Your Horse Riding and Training UPDATED! Just added – a free chapter with our horse tips that you can put into use today. Are you dreaming of … Read More

Five Things You Can Do in 30 MInutes to Improve Your Riding Forever

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A short little booklet that shows you how to correct the five most common errors in riding – how to balance your saddle, how to sit in it correctly, how to hold your hands so you … Read More

Bridleless How to Teach Your Horse to back up and Stop while Riding with Troiya

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This is a response to a request, just a short video and not super in depth or anything, so if anyone has anymore questions feel free to ask. And please I am …

Group Riding Lessons Versus Private Instruction

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When enrolling in horseback riding lessons, one must choose between group lessons and private instruction.  Each instructional method has advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, most riders should take a combination of group and individual lessons. If this is not … Read More

How to Stop Horses from Anticipating Cues

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Anticipation is a common problem in horses in all disciplines, particularly those that are advancing rapidly in their training and learning new things. All horses may anticipate cues, but hot-blooded breeds and high-energy horses are most likely … Read More

Do Horses Enjoy Being Ridden?

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Some years ago, I received the gift of a book by the owner and administrator of a large animal sanctuary. Overall, the book was a touching tribute to the many animals rescued by the author. But … Read More

Listen to Your Horse

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Yes, I know, it sounds counterintuitive to allow your horse to have a say in his or her training, but communication should go both ways between a horse and rider. For example, my horse recently was … Read More

Where To Ride Your Horse

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You’ve saddled up your horse for a relaxing day in the saddle when you suddenly realize that you have no idea where to ride him outside of that same little paddock. Are there any more exciting … Read More

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