How to Gain Trust, Build Confidence & Relationship: Bandit’s 1st Round Pen Session

My method of horsemanship is founded on a relationship oriented training program that is compassionate, spiritually driven, mindful, solution-focused and REAL – it really works! R - Revolutionary E - … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Pet Happy

/> Pets are a big part of our lives. As a father of 6, I've had my fair share of experience with them. You name it - I've had it. The list of animals under my roof include amphibians, fish, … [Read more...]

Why Cesar Millan is Yesterday’s Dog Trainer

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Retarded Policeman #1: Hi

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Family Approval: Meeting the Pets

When you're a pet owner, getting your pet's approval can be on your top priority list. Your dog or cat's opinion may be as important as your best friend's opinion and that is okay. However, when … [Read more...]

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