Teaching the Rear // No ropes / Bareback / Bridleless ♡


How to set the foundation to teach your horse to rear, featuring the Kokoro Liberty Team from Hippie Horsemanship. I’m using a building blocks technique to ensure my horses are confident throughout the process and learn … Read More

How to Train Your Horse to Rear


I am training Duke & Trisha liberty this summer. so I thought I would make how to videos on how I am training my horses. here I am working with me horse Duke on how to … Read More

How to Teach You Horse to Rear


This is a tutorial on how to teach your horse to rear. In this video ill be showing how I taught my miniature horse and my Percheron X draft horse to rear. Before I started this … Read More

how to teach your horse to rear.


new tutorial! any questios? comment below! v.

How to teach your horse to rear up!


This is a quick demo of how to train your horse to rear up on command, any questions I’ll answer and I’ll take video requests also.

Teaching Your Horse To REAR!!!


Ok so this is me and Romeo’s second day of doing the trick rear! and everyone has been asking how I do it so here’s the answer in this video!! if you have an…

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