Locating a Reputable, Responsible Small Animal Breeder

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If you’ve decided to add a small mammal like a rabbit, rat, or hamster to your family, the next step is to choose between adopting a rescued or rehomed pet, or purchasing from a reputable, responsible … Read More

Meet My Fuzzy Buddy – Giol

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This is a guest post from my friend Brigid from Blog Catalog who is the author and artist of Mary Quite Contrary (MQC) and just happens to be quite the “BunnyLvr” 😀 Meet Giol Everybody! This … Read More

How Can You Resist A Soft And Cute Bunny Rabbit?

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Domestic rabbits make for great pets. That they’re soft and cute, everyone concedes. Not cuddly, though, despite their looks. Rabbits don’t typically like being held. They also engage in a wide variety of amusing behaviors. Anyone … Read More

Nail Trimming Tips For Your Rabbit

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Trimming your rabbit’s nails can be a trial. Rabbits are akin to small dogs in that they tend to be fairly high strung. As prey for so many larger species, they evolved to be on a … Read More

WHS Ad – December 6, 2005 – Please Adopt Me!

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Mary, 114014 Mary came in thin and hungry from the Wolseley area at the end of October. Just a speck of a kitty, Mary is hoping for her own Christmas miracle- a wonderful family to adopt … Read More

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