Choosing a Puppy Kindergarten

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Puppy kindergarten, or puppy socialization class, is a vital part of your puppy’s upbringing. Puppy kindergarten teaches basic obedience and how to play safely with other dogs. It also exposes your puppy to  variety of stimuli that can help … Read More

How to Stop a Puppy from Mouthing

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Most puppies nip and mouth their owners’ hands,  ankles, pant legs, and even small children’s behinds, to at least some extent. This behavior can seem cute (the Coppertone bottles with the little girl and her terrier … Read More

Should You Buy a Pet on Craigslist?

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The temptation of the Craigslist Pets section haunts me every time I browse the web. I want to scoop each and every animal being sold there up in my arms and take them home with me. Of course, … Read More

Why Play is Important

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Play is an important daily activity for your pet, especially if that pet is a puppy or kitten. It’s easy to forget playtime in the hustle and bustle of daily life with pets. There’s feeding, potty … Read More

What Might an Obama Presidency Mean for Pet Owners?

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Barack Obama and his family will be moving into the White House soon, with a puppy in tow. But what could an Obama presidency change about dog ownership in America? Shortly before the election I received … Read More

Obama Girls to Get a Puppy

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President-Elect Barack Obama announced yesterday in his acceptance speech after winning the US presidency that a puppy will be moving into the White House with the Obama family. Michelle Obama said in a recent TV interview that … Read More

5 Traits of a Good Dog Breeder

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We talked recently about bad dog breeders, and an owner’s recourse in case of receiving an unhealthy puppy. To balance things out a little bit, I’d like to discuss today a class of people who truly make … Read More

Five Things You Can Do with Your Puppy to Prevent Future Behavior Problems

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You’ve got a puppy. Congratulations! Now is the time to prevent behavior problems in adulthood. Many serious issues can be prevented by properly raising your pup. More dogs die each year in the United States due … Read More

Top Five Myths About Pet Adoption

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Many people seeking a new pet bypass the adoption option for one reason or another. While there are certainly some situations in which purchasing from a reputable, responsible breeder is ideal, consider this list of five … Read More

What To Do If You Find A Stray Dog

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It happens to every pet lover eventually. You’re on your way to work, out walking your own dogs, or running an errand, and a loose dog crosses your path with no owner in sight. What now? … Read More

Mild Tempered Cat

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Aaawww … You just have to smile at this video! This cat is showing a lot of patience with this annoying puppy who keeps chewing on his ears. But this cat who wants to eat his … Read More

Ouch! My Puppy Dog is Biting My Hands and Clothes

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Ouch! My Puppy Dog is Biting My Hands and Clothes By Aidan Bindoff This article explains in plain english the fastest way to stop your puppy dog biting at your clothing, hands or other body parts. … Read More

Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy

| | – News – Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy I received the “heads up” through Topix.Net from THIS POST.. POSTED: 6:50 pm EST November 9, 2005 UPDATED: 6:52 am EST November 10, 2005 A … Read More

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