Cat using toilet & toilet paper


cat using toilet paper

How to train your cat to not scratch furniture or toilet paper. Warning: cat drowns in toilet.


Learn how to train your cat to stop tearing up your toilet paper. Cat drowns in toilet. Warning.

How to train your cat to stop playing with toilet paper: warning – cat drowning in toilette


Cats are stupid animals, so I can’t guarantee this will make them learn. But it sure is fun to set boobie traps on them just the same. FF to 1:07 if you are …

How to Teach Your Budgie to Run Through a Toilet Paper Roll


This video shows you how to train your budgie to run through a toilet paper roll in a few easy steps. Remember to not rush the steps, and after your budgie h…

Cheap Cat PlayThings You can Find Around Your Home


By Jasper Page Buying toys from your local pet shop can be expensive, and after the money you spend on it, your cat either tears the toy to pieces in a couple of hours or turns … Read More

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