Subluxations and Nerve Irritation Might Be the Cause of Your Pet’s Health Problem

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The Importance of Pet Dental Care

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What Does It Mean When My Cat Yowls?

Cat owners often ask me about unusual vocalizations from their pets. One of the most common and alarming experiences for the concerned cat parent is unexplained yowling. Cats yowl for a variety of … [Read more...]

Listen to Your Horse

Yes, I know, it sounds counterintuitive to allow your horse to have a say in his or her training, but communication should go both ways between a horse and rider. For example, my horse recently was … [Read more...]

Pain Management In Dogs and Cats

Pain Management In Dogs and Cats at Managing Pain In Dogs This article by Dr. T. J. Dunn appeared in the February, 2002, issue of Dog World Magazine Pain is personal. Anyone who … [Read more...]

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