Big Button Pet Dog Cat Training Clickers, click with wrist bands – 4 Pack, by Pet Supply City

Big button clickers for clicker training pets, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Nice loud click, not for sensitive animals. Packaged with the Downtown Pet Supply Logo. Product Features 4 pack Big Button … [Read more...]

Dog Training: Are You The Alpha? Are you the “Pack Leader”?

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Why Cesar Millan is Yesterday’s Dog Trainer

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Dog Training Tip — A Subtle Way To Be The Alpha Dog

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Horse First Aid Pack

Horse First Aid Pack By Jason Atilia Horse supplies run the gamut from grooming products to nutritional supplements. But there is an essential horse supply that you shouldn't leave your barn, or your … [Read more...]

Pack of Dogs Kill Croc in Florida

Pack of Dogs Kill Croc in Florida Source: FWD in my email :-D … [Read more...]

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