Bringing a Puppy into the Family

Picking out a new puppy is a joyful experience, but it's important to properly prepare for the newcomer. Purchasing supplies ahead of time and carefully planning the first days with the new pet will … [Read more...]

Bark Busters Dog Training Tips for Bringing Home a Puppy – Steve Dell

[Read more...]

Petlvr Mailbag: Schnauzer Won't Accept New Pup

Dear Petlvr, I hope you can help: We just brought home a 7 week old puppy - malti-poo/pom mix. Tiny, less than one pound. We have a mini-doxie age 12 who is fine with her. However, our 7 year old … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Foster Dog

We've already covered the most difficult part of fostering: Letting go of a foster pet. However, I'm currently dealing with the other end of the foster cycle: Waiting for that call saying, "We've got … [Read more...]

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