Beginning to Train Your Horse to Neck Rein


I’m on Roy, a 28 year old former roping horse, now a kids horse for the most part, and trying to answer two questions, one about if a 19 year old horse is to…

How to train your horse to neck rein with Abby


Here ya go! If you have any questions comment bellow or message us! -Abby.

Solving Head-Shyness in Horses


My horse, Ember, was very head-shy when he first came to me as a rescued racehorse who’d been on his way to slaughter. A severe ear mite infestation made the problem even worse.¬†After the mites were … Read More

Thyroid Trouble In Pets


The thyroid is a gland in the neck that secretes two hormones; thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones are vital for metabolism. Everyone has a thyroid and it does the same thing whether in a … Read More

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