Dogs Rank as Top 3 Motivator in Millennial Home Buying Decisions


In 2017, SunTrust Bank commissioned a study to determine why, exactly, members of today’s most populous generation, millennials, are buying homes. Surprisingly, pets ranked higher than marriage and children as reasons to buy a home by … Read More

Pet Adoption – Move


I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest! >> Note: From YouTube >> Of the eight million pets that enter animal shelters and rescue groups … Read More

Moving with Dogs, Without the Stress (Part Two)


In Part One, we talked about how to plan a move and  prepare for a move without stressing your dog and causing undesirable behaviors. Now, let’s look at the move itself and the settling-in period immediately after … Read More

Moving with Dogs, Without the Stress (Part One)


So, you’re getting ready to move, and you’re a dog owner. Since dogs are relatively adaptable creatures in general, it’d be easy not to think about the effect of your move on your dog until you’ve … Read More

Tips for Moving Your Pet


A sense of home can be felt in the soft, cotton of a blanket and even in the cozy embrace of a teddy bear. So even though you might have to move to a new home, … Read More

Acclimating Your Bird To Your New Home


Moving to a new home can be stressful for a bird, especially if the bird is a handfed baby. Luckily, if you spend some time setting everything up properly, it isn’t too hard to help your … Read More

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