How To Train 5 Tricks in 5 Minutes!

How to train your dog cool tricks like weaving through your legs, walking on their hind legs, rollover, shake/high 5 and more! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up … [Read more...]

How to Teach Your Dog Sit, Down, Up and Stand in MINUTES!

Help the Dog Training rEvolution do more and get better access to me to help you with your dog starting at $2 a month! My Facebook Page: … [Read more...]

6 Dog Training Secrets in 5 Minutes!

6 key principles that will help you train your dog! For $25 off your first booking with Rover, visit and enter promo code zakgeorge Get the book on Amazon: … [Read more...]

The secret to take your bird out of the Cage in Minutes !

We released our latest step by step video that shows the process on how to take your bird/parrot out of its cage in the simplest yet most effective way. Seve... … [Read more...]

How to train your cockatiel to pass the ball in 15 minutes

This is a video of how to train your cockatiel to pass the ball in 15 minutes or even under! This video was used with an untrained bird and it shows you from... … [Read more...]

How to Teach your Dog to do 4 things in Minutes (Roll over, Play dead, Sit, Lie down) The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK My second (video blog) channel: Follow me o... … [Read more...]

Dog Training In 15 Minutes A Day!

Ebook(r) On Dog Training. Click Here For More Information … [Read more...]

How To Get Into The Head Of Any Horse In Minutes And Establish An Awesome Mental Connection

Getting inside the head of a horse is absolutely necessary for bringing out the best in both horse and human. The more mentally connected they are to each other (or as we humans like to say, … [Read more...]

Five Things You Can Do in 30 MInutes to Improve Your Riding Forever

A short little booklet that shows you how to correct the five most common errors in riding - how to balance your saddle, how to sit in it correctly, how to hold your hands so you sit better, how to … [Read more...]

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

Cats are intelligent curious animals that enjoy learning new behaviors adn skills. THis book will show you how to train your cat in just minutes a day. The training is based on positive reinforcement, … [Read more...]

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

Don't think your cat can learn to come on command, perch on your shoulder, or walk on a leash? Think again! Cat Training in 10 Minutes shows you how to teach your cat to perform simple tricks in just … [Read more...]

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