Dairy Goats – With Information on the Breeds, Breeding and Management of Dairy Goats


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Incontinence in Aging Dogs


One of the most saddening and frustrating issues for any dog owner to deal with is that of incontinence in an aging dog.  After years of successful housetrained behavior, older dogs often seem to regress to … Read More

Trimming Dogs' Nails


Most dogs need their nails trimmed regularly, but few of them enjoy it. Worse yet, a clumsy snip could cut into the quick, causing profuse bleeding. I quicked my own fingernail recently after I was startled … Read More

Pain Management In Dogs and Cats


Pain Management In Dogs and Cats at ThePetCenter.com Managing Pain In Dogs This article by Dr. T. J. Dunn appeared in the February, 2002, issue of Dog World Magazine Pain is personal. Anyone who ever experienced … Read More

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