How to litterbox train your rabbit FAST!

I hope this video on how to litterbox train your rabbit helps you when you attempt to litterbox train your rabbit! Remeber -- never give up! litter training takes some work and patience. … [Read more...]

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Litterbox (Petco)

When it comes to choosing a litter box it's important to take your cat's needs into consideration. Petco provides an explanation of the different types of li... … [Read more...]

How to litterbox train your rabbit

In this video i will be showing you how to litterbox train your rabbit. I will also be showing you how i like to set up my litterbox and cleaning. Facebook: ... … [Read more...]

Litterbox Training Your Rat

It may take up to months for your rat to grasp this concept. If you have any questions, please ask! … [Read more...]

2 in 1 How To: Litter-box Train Your Rabbit AND Teach Your Rabbit to Stand on It’s Hind Legs

I show you how to teach your rabbit a trick AND how you can litterbox train it, all in one video!! Heres the link for the full video on how to make the best ... … [Read more...]

The most funny hilarious Jon Dore Interview

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armadillo pet funny dillans movie

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Why Do Cats Have Accidents When Their Owners Leave Town?

Cat owners often complain that their cats are "jealous" or "get revenge" by urinating and defecating inappropriately after being left alone during an owner's vacation. This myth is so pervasive that … [Read more...]

Keeping Dogs Out of Cat Litterboxes

Snacking out of the catbox is perhaps the most disgusting habit a dog can have, in my opinion-- and that's a pretty competitive category. Unfortunately, at least a substantial minority, and probably a … [Read more...]

Give Yourself a Free, Pet-Related Christmas Gift

Did you forget to get yourself a Christmas gift? If you're like most people this time of year, you've been running around like crazy shopping for gifts for friends and family, but you haven't taken … [Read more...]

PetLvr Reviews: Electronic Catmouse Litter Odor Eliminator

Welcome to PetLvr Reviews, a new series here at PetLvr - The Blog, where we take a time-out to look at some interesting and (not-so-interesting) pet related products. If you would like your product … [Read more...]

Missing the Litterbox?

Not using the litterbox is among the most common reasons cats are abandoned, rehomed, euthanized, or placed in shelters and rescue. It's understandable that nobody wants cat urine and feces all over … [Read more...]

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