Petsitter or Boarding Kennel? Part Two


Petsitters and boarding kennels each have advantages and disadvantages for pets staying behind while owners travel. Yesterday we examined the pros and cons of choosing a boarding facility. Today, we’ll┬ádo the same for petsitters. Some petsitters … Read More

Getting Kids Involved in Volunteering to Help Shelter Pets


Volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way for children to learn responsibility and prepare for adopting a family pet. However, it can be tough to find organizations and activities that are child-friendly, particularly if … Read More

PetLvr Mailbag: Liability and Renting as a Dog Owner


Dear PetLvr Mailbag … What can a renter do when owning a dog to prevent the landlord from having any liability with regards to the dog’s behavior? Essentially, the law states that a landlord can be … Read More

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