Rat Trick Tips #1: Walk on Two Legs!

Teach your rat to walk like a human with Caramel and Flaxie. Stay tuned for more videos! Remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUB so you can be alerted when new trick tutorials and other videos come … [Read more...]

Clicker Train Your Rabbit – Standing on hind legs

This is a video about how you can teach your rabbit to stand on its back leg via click training =) Please comment if you have any questions or remarks. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

2 in 1 How To: Litter-box Train Your Rabbit AND Teach Your Rabbit to Stand on It’s Hind Legs

I show you how to teach your rabbit a trick AND how you can litterbox train it, all in one video!! Heres the link for the full video on how to make the best ... … [Read more...]

How to teach a pet rat to walk on back legs (.. three steps)

Womble takes us through the steps he took in learning to walk on his back legs. Again when trying this, don't spend too long training the rat each day, 5 min... … [Read more...]

How to: pick up your Hamster with your legs

Saphira was a shy hamster. She wouldnt like it if i wanted to pick her up with my hands. She would always run away. As I was standing in her place she always... … [Read more...]

Dog Training: Dog Tricks HOW TO teach your dog to walk on their hind legs

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