Baby rats learning tricks (spin and paw)

Cloud working on spins, and Scrap giving me his paw (pushing a button for food, heh). They're a little over five weeks in this video, and so cute! I'm using bits of cheerios as treats, and trying to … [Read more...]

Two Week Old Baby Rat Learning to be Handfed

I brought this little rat home from a feeder breeder, and I'll be hand raising her! (she's pretty close to weening age, but not quite) … [Read more...]

Animal Training: Gary the Hamster (Psychology of Learning IIUM)

Hello there! We are the Red Velvet team from Psychology of Learning class and part of our assessment is to train an animal. So we chose Gary which is a hamster and trained him for less than 3 weeks. … [Read more...]

Training session: Ferret learning to clap

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Cat Tricks Episode 3: Learning to Play Dead

Karen Pryor Clicker Welcome to my Channel! Subscribe, ring that bell and come with me as I check out new gear and give you tips on things I learn along the way. Tech stuff, … [Read more...]

Rat Learning To Play Dead

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Animal training myth #1: Food deprivation speeds learning

Is food deprivation necessary to train animals with positive reinforcement? Discuss, please. In this video, a squirrel sits up to earn the seed in my hand, even though she is surrounded by... … [Read more...]

Cat learning how to fetch

Lappi is my cat and she's almost 4 years old. This year I decided to teach her how to fetch to be able to play more with her and having extra fun together. T... … [Read more...]

PLEASE VOTE – #1 in the US Bones Video Contest

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Effective Dog Training – Ian Dunbar

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Best Dog Training video

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Why Do Pets Watch TV?

Not all animals seem to watch TV, but some do. We've all known a dog who barks at Lassie or Garfield, or a cat that bats at the television when the Nature Channel shows songbirds. Why do some pets … [Read more...]

Behavior Generalization, or, "Why Won't My Dog Sit at the Park?"

Most dog owners have experienced the consequences of failure to generalize a learned behavior at one time or another. For example, let's say you just spent an hour carefully teaching your new puppy to … [Read more...]

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