🐹❤ How To Train Your hamster to be held on in it’s back [Hamster Care Tips]

This video is on how to train your hamster to be held on it's back without squirming away and how to get your hamster to be calm and like to be held on it's back. The most question we get asked on … [Read more...]

2 in 1 How To: Litter-box Train Your Rabbit AND Teach Your Rabbit to Stand on It’s Hind Legs

I show you how to teach your rabbit a trick AND how you can litterbox train it, all in one video!! Heres the link for the full video on how to make the best ... … [Read more...]

How to train your rat it’s name

this is my rat chubs and im ganna show you guys how to train your rat its name. … [Read more...]

Looking for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CAT? Yes, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CAT. It’s all here!

HTTP://WWW.ReliableGuideForYou.com/cats Top 100 how to train your cat tips. The premier how to train your cat resource site. Choose what best fits to you cri... … [Read more...]

How to teach your rat to come to it’s name

Come to it's name. … [Read more...]

Doggies in the gene pool

- toledoblade.com - Doggies in the gene pool Article published Sunday, December 18, 2005 Scientists were barking up the right tree when they began writing the genetic biography of man's best friend. … [Read more...]

Run! Hide! It's … PAP-ZILLA!

The above picture is one of my favorite pet pictures that I have been posting daily, on my other blog ... http://PapillonLvr.com/blog/ .. This is Sophie, our 2nd Papillon dog .. with a high … [Read more...]

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