Draft (Draught) Horses – The Belgian

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Draft (Draught) Horses – The Belgian By Michael Russell History As the name implies. this breed originated in Belgium. Back in the medieval times, the center of Western Europe became well-known for the large black horses … Read More

Draft (Draught) Horses – The American Cream

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Draft (Draught) Horses – The American Cream By Michael Russell History This breed is the only draft breed to originate in the United States. The granddam of the line was a draft mare (Old Granny) who … Read More

Horse Illustrated Magazine – Q & A – How to become a Horse Trainer and Breeder?

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Good advice from Horse Illustrated Magazine – Horse Illustrated.com – Serving the horse owner by promoting the best in horse management, riding and training. Q: ……………. I have a dream of becoming a horse breeder and/or … Read More

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