Adjusting your ferrets to the heat –


It’s starting to get warmer and ferrets do not handle the heat very well so what do you do? The worst thing you could do is to turn the airconditioning stria…

Should You Shave Your Dog for the Summer?


I live in Colorado, where we have, from time to time, experienced snow in July and 90-degree days in November. But if you can rely on one thing in Colorado, it’s that we’ll have a fairly hot summer. … Read More

Fetch 'Til You Drop: The Dangers of Over-Exertion in Dogs


I know I’m not the only person who jokes,  “My dog would fetch until his legs fell off, if I kept throwing that ball!” It’s usually  worth a chuckle, especially if Augustin and a tennis ball are … Read More

Warm Weather Means Time for a Reminder About Pets and Hot Cars


This afternoon I witnessed a confrontation between a concerned passer-by and a driver who left her small dog in her Toyota Prius as she entered a fast casual restaurant and placed a to-go order. The other patron … Read More

Traveling with Rats: By Car


Responsible, reputable rat breeders don’t exist in every area. Plus, families sometimes must move long distances with pets, or take lengthy vacations while bringing rats along. Traveling with rats is often necessary, but in some ways trickier … Read More

Sex and the neutered cat (Caution: some explicit language)


I have always considered myself to be a fairly knowledgeable person when it comes to pet, cats in particular. I’ve had pets of one sort or another all my life and I majored in pre-vet/biology in … Read More

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