Your Kids Don't Need a Live Easter Bunny, Duckling, or Chick


Easter is just around the corner, and sadly, as usual at this time of year, many children will have more than plastic eggs and jellybeans waiting in their baskets. Every year, thousands of baby rabbits, chicks, and ducklings … Read More

Give Yourself a Free, Pet-Related Christmas Gift


Did you forget to get yourself a Christmas gift? If you’re like most people this time of year, you’ve been running around like crazy shopping for gifts for friends and family, but you haven’t taken time to … Read More

Beware of Holiday Plants


During the holiday season, it’s common to receive plants as gifts and to decorate your home with poinsettias and lilies. However, when you have cats and dogs roaming around your home, you need to be aware … Read More

Pets: Family Members, Not Holiday Gifts


What would Junior really love to find under the Christmas tree this year? A wiggly little puppy, of course! And wouldn’t Hannah love a hamster for Hanukkah? Grandma Sally has been lonely since her husband passed … Read More

PetLvr Reviews: Electronic Catmouse Litter Odor Eliminator


Welcome to PetLvr Reviews, a new series here at PetLvr – The Blog, where we take a time-out to look at some interesting and (not-so-interesting) pet related products. If you would like your product reviewed by … Read More

Looking After Your Dog, Part Eight – Dog Gifts


Looking After Your Dog, Part Eight – Dog Gifts By Niall Kennedy If you absolutely adore your dog then purchasing a dog gift can be an exhilarating experience for you. No matter what your budget constraints … Read More

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