Litter Box Train And Become Friends With Your Bunny Rabbit At The Same Time


Easy way for both you and your rabbit!! Litter box train and become friends with your pet baby bunny at the same time.

Pet Care with essential oils and their friends (Cosmetic Making)


Contains everything you wanted to know about using essential oils on dogs, cats and horses. Learn how to make organic products with healthy and all natural ingredients. Also included: how to start your own pet care … Read More

Touchy Situation: When a Friend or Family Member Mistreats a Pet


Sadly, most people have been in a situation in which they’ve witnessed someone close to them mistreating a pet. Whether it’s your college roommate giving alcohol to the fraternity cat, or your aging mother beginning to … Read More

The New Odd Couple: Snake and Hamster Make Friends


Credit: AP Photo / Mutsugoro Okoku Zoo, Kyota Nomura – The New Odd Couple: Snake and Hamster Make Friends TOKYO (AP)—Gohan and Aochan make strange bedfellows: one’s a 3.5-inch dwarf hamster; the other is a … Read More

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