My New Foster Dog, Tory: Tory's Progress So Far


Since Tory’s surgery to correct his elongated soft palate, his breathing has improved by leaps and bounds. These days, I can hardly tell he was ever impaired at all! He snorks and wheezes like a normal … Read More

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Part Four


In part three, a veterinarian diagnosed Tory with several health problems requiring surgical correction. Tory had surgery yesterday, and I’m pleased to report that he’s recovering well, although still pretty groggy and  achey. Now the real work … Read More

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Part Three


Tory visited the vet yesterday. The news is not good! As I suspected, Tory has an elongated soft palate. He also suffers from a number of other medical problems. Tory is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to … Read More

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Part Two


Last week, I introduced you to my foster dog, Tory. At the time, he had not yet arrived. Now he’s at home with me, and has proven to be a little more of a handful than … Read More

My New Foster Dog, "Tory": Part One


I mentioned yesterday that I’m expecting a new foster dog to arrive soon. We’ll be following my new foster dog, “Tory,” on his journey from intake to adoption. He’s not here yet, so today we’ll discuss the … Read More

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Foster Dog


We’ve already covered the most difficult part of fostering: Letting go of a foster pet. However, I’m currently dealing with the other end of the foster cycle: Waiting for that call saying, “We’ve got a dog that … Read More

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