What to Expect When Your Kid's Expecting a Pet (But You're Not Ready)

So you promised your child a pet for his birthday, or for Christmas, or if she did a particularly difficult chore, and forgot about it. Of course, the kid didn't, and now you're on the hook, but … [Read more...]

Pet Positive for a Healthy, Retiring Life

Pets serve many benefits to seniors. They are wonderful companions and the health benefits are outstanding. Did you know that having senior pet ownership has many medically beneficial qualities? It’s … [Read more...]

Choosing a Filter for Your Aquarium

A good filter is probably the most important piece of equipment you can add to your aquarium. Aquarium filters usually provide biological, chemical or mechanical filtration. You might want to get a … [Read more...]

Algae-eaters and Bottom-feeders for your Aquarium

In order to maintain your aquarium, you may want to purchase a maintenance crew. This crew is actually a group of scavengers that will feed on algae and on uneaten food at the bottom of the aquarium. … [Read more...]

Caring for Bettas

Bettas, also known as Japanese fighting fish, are so beautiful that they don't look quite real. You've probably seen these fish housed separately in tiny bowls at your local fish store. This is … [Read more...]

How to Test Your Tank's Water

The most important thing in your fish's environment is the water. If your fish tank has water that is too hot or cold, too acidic or alkaline, or unbalanced in any other way, your fish could die. In … [Read more...]

Caring for Goldfish

The goldfish is probably one of the easiest fish species to care for. These fish can live for up to 50 years if they are well taken care of. The first thing you should consider when you are caring … [Read more...]

How to Remove Algae from Your Tank

If your tank walls are so covered in green gunk that you can't see your fish, it may be time to remove the algae from your tank. While algae can help keep your fish alive and healthy since it helps … [Read more...]

Adding Plants to Your Aquarium

Adding plants to your aquarium is a good idea for several reasons. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide a healthier environment for fish, since they aid in creating an ecosystem within the … [Read more...]

Adding Fish to Your Aquarium

Your aquarium is set up and you've tested the water to be sure it is safe. Now, you are ready to run to the store and buy ten or fifteen colorful fish, right? Actually, if you want to have a happy, … [Read more...]

Maintaining your Pond

Just like any other type of yard maintenance, pond maintenance varies with each season. These tips on maintaining your pond will help you keep it running well from season to season. Each spring, … [Read more...]

Be Careful To Select The Right Aquarium Store

By Darren Lintern The aquarium stores are extremely convenient for any aquarist who wants to keep fish at home or in the office. It is here that you find a wide selection of fish tanks, and at the … [Read more...]

Common Fish Diseases

Fish are fairly hardy overall, especially if they have the proper living conditions. However, sometimes, despite your best efforts, at least one of your fish will become ill, probably with one of the … [Read more...]

How To Mix Saltwater

By Peter Barry Cunningham New seawater is going to be mixed many times in the future. Why not take a little extra trouble in the initial mix and save a lot of time later? When purchasing the sea … [Read more...]

Can You Tell The Sex Of Your Goldfish

By Ong Hui Woo Want to be able to tell the sex of your Goldfish? At one glance, they all look the same right? Wrong! If you want to breed goldfishes, you better not have all males in the … [Read more...]

Tropical Fish Saltwater Setup – Tank Maintenance and Aquatic Life Care

By Christopher Morris The ocean has a natural way of regulating, filtering and supporting sea life. Millions of undersea fish and plants survive based on the oceans ability to take care of itself. … [Read more...]

Selecting Food For Your Fish

By: Jim Brown Fish food is made from plants or animals which are intended for the consumption of pet fishes to keep them alive and in good health. There are a lot of ways connected with fish food … [Read more...]

Is Your Goldfish Constipated

By Lee Dobbins I recently read a story online about a goldfish that died at the ripe old age of 43. I marveled at the story because my goldfish only seem to last a couple of months. What caused this … [Read more...]

Fish Tank Supplies That Are Necessary To Keep Your Aquarium Running

By Darren Lintern If you are just starting out with your first aquarium you may want to know what the essential fish tank supplies are are. This will include such necessities as water filters, air … [Read more...]

Most Common Gold Fish Diseases and Treatment

By Tim D Smith Goldfish are susceptible to disease and once infected can have a greatly shortened life span. The most common reasons goldfish get sick are if the fish tank is dirty, due to poor … [Read more...]

Goldfish Diseases – Symptoms To Watch For In Your Fish

Goldfish Diseases - Symptoms To Watch For In Your Fish By Lee Dobbins There are several goldfish diseases that can threaten the health of your aquatic pet, but if you provide the proper tank … [Read more...]

The Basics of Fish Tank Maintenance

The Basics of Fish Tank Maintenance By Christopher Morris Owning an aquarium full of beautiful tropical fish can be very enjoyable. Many people say that watching the fish is a very relaxing past time … [Read more...]

Keep It Glowing with Aquarium Lighting

Keep It Glowing with Aquarium Lighting By Low Jeremy If you have your own aquarium at home, you need to take care of your fishes just like they were family because a bit of carelessness may cause … [Read more...]

How To Clean Your Aquarium For A Crystal Clear View

How To Clean Your Aquarium For A Crystal Clear View By: Lee Dobbins Cleaning your aquarium is vital not only for a crystal clear view inside, but also for the health of your fish. for proper aquarium … [Read more...]

Replacing Aquarium Gravel

Replacing Aquarium Gravel By Ken Wilssens Some people wonder if they can replace aquarium gravel. This is debatable for many reasons, such as the fact that bacteria live on surfaces in the tank and … [Read more...]

Which Aquarium Filter Is Best For You?

Which Aquarium Filter Is Best For You? By Lee Dobbins Having a good aquarium filter is vital for the health of your tropical fish and to have a crystal-clear tank that you enjoy looking at. Without … [Read more...]

Learn All The Secrets of The Amazing Goldfish

Learn All The Secrets of The Amazing Goldfish By Joshua Stanton Goldfish are known to be the most common and popular choice for pets. But why do people bring home Goldfish? They can’t run or let … [Read more...]

Aquarium Lighting, Wattage, Kelvin, and Nanometers

Aquarium Lighting, Wattage, Kelvin, and Nanometers By Carl Strohmeyer AQUARIUM LIGHTING When choosing lighting for your aquarium (especially reef or Nano reef), there is much more to consider than … [Read more...]

Fish Tanks: Your Decorating Options

Fish Tanks: Your Decorating Options By Sheryl Walters Are you looking to purchase a new fish tank for your home or office? If so, have you thought about what type of fish tank you would like to … [Read more...]

Fish Tanks: Why You Should Purchase Acrylic

Fish Tanks: Why You Should Purchase Acrylic By Alan Winters Have you heard of acrylic fish tanks before? If not and you are in the market for a new fish tank, you are urged to examine them. Acrylic … [Read more...]

Must Have Accessories For Your Fish Tank

By Joe Guntherson When many individuals think of fish tank accessories, decorations are often the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, fish tank decorations are ideal, especially if your fish … [Read more...]

An Introduction To The Planted Aquarium

An Introduction To The Planted Aquarium By Allen Jesson Many aquarium keepers think that a planted aquarium is much more difficult to maintain than an unplanted one, but live plants will actually … [Read more...]

Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Fish

Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Fish By William Berg Every year thousands and thousands of people try their luck with tropical fish but only a small part of them still keep tropical fish one year … [Read more...]

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