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Female ferrets die if not desexed – Day 23

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Yes! It is true! Female ferrets can indeed die if they are not desexed or implanted to prevent them coming into heat. Alternatively you can bring a female ferret out of season with a Jill Jab … Read More

Difference between a male and female ferret (Take1)

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Hi my name is Stef and I run the website http://www.Ferret-World.com Here I attempt to show you the difference between a male and female ferret but the vid takes an unexpected twist. Thanks Bear! Just shows … Read More

Ferret Care : How to Tell If a Ferret Is Male or Female

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To tell if a ferret is male or female, look for the bump of a penis in the middle of the abdomen on males, and identify the female genitalia between the legs and under the tail. … Read More

armadillo pet funny dillans movie

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